Who is to blame for killing of Russian ambassador to Turkey?


Fort Russ, January 13th, 2016 – 

Source: molonlabe Live Journal

Translated by L. Gimalieva, edited by Tatzhit Mihailovich

(originally published in Russian January 3rd, 2016 see Background section below for author’s credentials -ed.)

Assassination of an ambassador is a big deal, obviously. Right now, some politicians are trying to take the blame off Turkey, so as to not damage the fragile Russia-Turkey relations. They are right in that Turkish government does not bear any direct blame, but one of the indirect causes of the terrorist act was Erdogan’s policy of uniting the nation through religion. This had led to conditions in Turkey in which [islamists assassinating foreigners] was not only possible, but quite probable. 

But that only created an opportunity for the crime to happen. As for who took advantage of it, and therefore bears direct responsibility, that is another matter.

First of all, I am inclined to think that the terrorist was acting alone. Such a terrorist act does not require any human or material resources, all that is needed is one person who decides to do it. So, we need to discuss what drove his decision.

1) The terrorist managed to inform us of his motive, shouting about revenge for the suffering of the inhabitants of Aleppo.

2) It is unlikely that a Turkish law enforcement officer had personally traveled to Aleppo to witness the “suffering” with his own eyes. He must have been shown “war crimes” by those who wanted some psychos to develop a deep-seated hatred of Russia.

3) There are two forces that are actively promoting the theme of “residents of Aleppo suffering under Russian bombs”. The first is the [An-Nusra] terrorists themselves, the second is the US government and its allies. The former create fake ‘evidence’, the latter attract international attention to it.

Two examples seem particularly relevant to this situation:

A) A group of people who were photographing children smeared with red paint standing near ruined buildings was arrested in Egypt (see more here). They brazenly told the police that the photos were intended for distribution on the Internet, to show the consequences of the Russian airstrikes in Aleppo.

And by the way, there were many other such scandals. The most famous was a “7-year-old girl from Aleppo” named Bana, who ran a well-organized twitter campaign in perfect English “with the help of her mother” – this fake account was called out repeatedly.

B) The second piece of news is even less unexpected. When discussing the murder of Andrey Karlov, the presenter on SNN TV channel in USA reported that the motive for the assassination was the suffering of residents in Aleppo. She went on to say that there were a lot of photos and video footage of the suffering on the internet, and that “all Muslims” were outraged by it, feeling that the “Russian aggression has gone beyond all reasonable bounds” (similar narratives were promoted all over Western press, e.g. here, herehere, and an excellent example here – ed.). This rhetoric was perhaps less clumsy than that of the Ukrainian politicians – who simply lauded Karlov’s assassin as a hero – but the basic message is the same.

Of course, the US State Department categorically refuted the accusations that their government was involved in the assassination of the Russian ambassador. But I don’t see these allegations as quite so baseless.

The [Western governments and their mass media establishment] are directly responsible for what happened. They brainwashed the assassin, gave him motive and a target. (Just like ISIS does not normally organize terror plots, but rather urges the feebleminded to act on their own – ed.)

Of course, they were not in direct contact with the assassin. But it is thanks to the lie-spreading efforts [of Western establishment media] that the terrorist decided to commit this act. 

The identity of the terrorist does not matter. He was only a puppet in this crime, whilst the real culprits are now protesting their innocence at the US State Department press conferences and such.



The blogger molonlabe (AKA hard-ingush) is a counter-terror operator somewhere in North Caucasus region of Russia, presumably in Ingushetia. He has gained popularity while working as a common operative (i.e. a “door kicker”), but has since been reassigned to a desk job. He retains his anonymity, and the few interviews he gave were in a mask (this is common practice for counter-terror officers, so that their families and friends could not be targeted).

Broadly speaking, he makes three kinds of posts, all of them quite interesting:

– Short, often “cool” or humorous stories and videos about the life of counter-terror operatives. 

– Stories discussing the nature of terrorism in the Caucasus, or showing footage of recent counter-terror operations

– Discussions of morality, philosophy, and life in general (these are surprisingly deep; molonlabe often jokes along the lines of “just because you’re a door kicker doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot… although it certainly helps”)

In conclusion, I’ll present a few examples below:

Two videos of a search warrant that developed into a shootout –

A training video, showing a thermobaric grenade (big boom, but no fragments) fired as a “surprise” during training:

Another training video, this one with a humorously changed soundtrack, showing the disdain the guy feels for pop music and glorifying criminal lifestyles:

Finally, an article I translated long ago for The Saker:
LJ-molonlabe: How Insurgents Live in Hiding

PS. This translated article (i.e. the one about the real culprits in the death of Karlov) is also intended to serve as a “primer” for future discussions of the nature of today’s mass media – tatzhit

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