Window of Opportunity: The war against Trump is one less US war on the world


January 16, 2017 – 

Ruslan Ostashko, LiveJournal – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

Due to the fact that contradictory information is always coming in from Washington which is interpreted in a distorted way by Russian political analysts and the media, some kind of confusion is being created across social networks. In comments on news from the US, the supporters of the thesis that “Trump is ours” and the slogan-lovers of “Trump has betrayed us” are fighting to the death. Let’s break this down with a sober mind.

First of all, Trump is not ours and one would have to be a fabulously naive person to believe that Trump is some kind of American equivalent of Gorbachev. Trump will defend only American interests and the interests of those lobbies that brought him to power. This is good, because Trump’s supporters have a more or less healthy and pragmatic understanding of US interests. They largely belong to the economic sphere where Russia and the US have no conflicts – otherwise for the sake of such we would go for a tough confrontation up to the point of military clashes. China and the United States, on the other hand, have economic conflicts. For example, there is the conflict over the yuan and Trump’s attempts to bring manufacturing back to the US from China.

Clinton’s group and her ideological supporters such as George Soros and Robert Kagan aren’t even in economic conflict with Russia – their conflict is one of values. They don’t want to negotiate with us. They want to see all of us in a coffin, Moscow in ruins, and a gay pride parade on the ruins of the Church of Christ the Savior. For them a modern, independent Russia promoting conservative values is inadmissible in its very existence. Trump is not a pro-Russian politician, but against the backdrop of the psychos from Clinton’s supporting group, he looks very good because there is at least the possibility of negotiating with him. He is not obsessed with destroying our country. You’ll agree that there is still a difference between those who want to make American great again and those for whom the most important thing is destroying Russia even at the risk of nuclear war.

Second of all, it must be remembered that, after the elections, those elite groups which promoted Clinton have not disappeared. They control the American media and a significant portion of global media. Their influence is very strong in the Pentagon, in some sectors of the American intelligence services, and in the US financial sector. They’ve tried to disrupt Trump’s election, disrupt the voting for Trump, forge a Maidan against Trump, and they will try to disrupt his inauguration and, quite possible, impeach him.

Look at the situation from the point of view of the part of the American intelligence services which serves the interests of Soros and Kagan and from the point of view of Trump’s presidency. Trump can simply purge them. He doesn’t need to unleash any political repression or witch hunt, but just needs to reveal, for example, the fact that part of the American intelligence services has directly sponsored and supported ISIS with arms. For many American intelligence officers, this means losing not only their job, but their liberty or even life. In order to avoid this, they will be ready to spread fakes of all kinds and blame Trump for anything, no matter how nonsensical these charges look. From their point of view, this is a win-win move. If they manage to dump Trump, then they have it good. If they don’t succeed, then they can at least throw the charge that his attempt at purging the intelligence services would be “destroying real American patriots from the CIA” on Putin’s personal order.

It can’t be said that the American intelligence services are working against the new American  president. Let’s recall how the FBI is, with the light touch of British journalists, informally called Trumplandia – and for good reason. Literally the day after the publication of CNN and BuzzFeed’s scandalous propaganda, the intelligence community, represented by Chairman John Clapper, disowned these lies and expressed regret over the leaks in the media. He even went on to state that American intelligence will work work for the new White House administration and the American people.

We are now observing the complete institutional collapse of the US. The conflict within power structures themselves and the political arena has come to a most acute phase. This situation could continue for months or even years and undermine the very foundations of the American state. There will be lies about new “compromising” scandals, high-profile resignations, investigations and, most likely, imprisonments. Perhaps there will be an attempt at impeachment, the chances of success of which British bookmakers estimate at 50-50.

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Is this good or bad? On the one hand, it is bad when this happens to a power with nuclear weapons. The results could be negative for the whole world, us included. On the other hand, when all parts of the American establishment are at war with each other, then this virtually paralyzes the US’ capability of making any serious moves in foreign policy. I really hope that Russia will be able to most effectively take advantage of this window of opportunity. 

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