Do the current events mean a coming war?

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Feburary 24, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
By James Harmon

The recent death of another high profile Russian official abroad, following the Assassination of Andrei Karlov in Turkey on live television by an Islamic extremist – the recent death of Ambassador Churkin in the USA and  Alexander Kadakin in India – follows now Andrey Melanin in Athens ostensibly from “Natural causes”. This now brings the death total of Russian officials serving in foreign capacity to 4, all within a 3 month period.

President Obama warned of reprisals against the Russian Federation for supposedly “interfering” with the “democratic process” in the American election in which Donald Trump prevailed last October, and both Samantha Power – Obama’s ambassador to the UN, and Nicky Haley the Trump administration’s ambassador to the UN, warned of grave consequences for so-called “Russian interference”. President Obama also enacted a wave of deportations of Russian staff from American based diplomatic facilities, preceding the current events.

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The 4th death of a Russian official abroad – in a NATO country – comes in close proximity to the recent dismissal of Michael Flynn, the pro-Russian adviser to Donald Trump, and a currently noticeable rhetoric shift in which Trump has begun to insinuate that the Obama regime was “too soft” on Russia – a noted and disturbing break from his pro-Russian rhetoric on the campaign trail which appeared to provide the chance for a much needed detente between the nations.

This series of events in which disturbing problems for the Russian Federation are coming in waves, appears to give the perception that the deep-state or American intelligence community has some how found a way to restrain President Trump and has decided to take aggression against the Russian Federation to the next level on all fronts. In addition to the events above, the besieged Donbass rebels report a massive wave of bombardments, over 700 attacks in the past few days. In addition to the above, noted and beloved heros in Donbass, Motorola and Givi were both assassinated. Could these events be the pretext to even more disturbing events to come?

EDIT: This article previous contained serious mistakes such as representing the death of Andrey Melanin as a breaking event, and thus they have been amended accordingly. FRN apologies for the error.

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