By trying to restore Donbass and Crimea by force, Ukraine counter-productively marches toward destruction


February 27, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Christelle NEANT in DONiPRESS, translated by Tom Winter –

“V.I. Lenin, father of Ukrainian Independence”
Cartoon by Vitaly Podvitski

Stuck in its internal contradictions, Ukraine is plunging head first into the abyss, while taking care to set its feet in cement blocks.

While the blockade of the Donbass continues, plaguing the Ukrainian economy and putting the country in a state of energy emergency — which the Ukrainian radicals threaten to harden by cutting the roads that connect the Donbass to the rest of Ukraine — the gap between the Ukraine and the Donbass is widening.

After disrupting mobile networks like Life and those of several Ukrainian Internet providers, at the risk of seeing the Popular Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (DPR and LPR) switch over to Russian networks, the blockade imposed by Ukrainian ultra-nationalists runs the risk of producing even more serious consequences.

Since this blockade disrupted the operation of several factories belonging to Ukrainian businessmen (including Rinat Akhmetov), causing many of them to close, including the Enakievo metallurgical plant, the DPR and LPR authorities together put forward a strong ultimatum to the Ukrainian authorities.

In a joint statement, Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky announced that if the blockade was not lifted by midnight on March 1st, they would 

  1. set up their own directorates at the head of all companies under Ukrainian jurisdiction who work in DPR and LPR, 
  2. will definitely cease supplying coal to Ukraine, and 
  3. will restructure all production processes to the Russian market and to other countries, thus fulfilling one of the first promises made during the proclamation of the two republics.

In wanting to force the people of Donbass to live under their rules by force, the actions of the Ukrainian authorities redound. Ukraine seems to have learned nothing from what happened in the Crimea, while the evidence is piling up that the latter has passed on very well from Ukraine and has no wish to return.

For example, a study by the Russian Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs reveals that none of the Tatars living in the Crimea want to go to Ukraine. And when you say “no”, it’s no … To the question “If you could move to another part of the Crimea, Russia, Ukraine or another country, where would you go?” 10% would like to move to another part of the Crimea, 2% would like to move to another part of Russia, and 0% would like to move to Ukraine (sic).

As an echo of these results, and after Poroshenko made statements where he promised that Ukraine would continue to “support” the Crimean people, one of the deputies of the peninsula, Ruslan Balbek, replied in a rather direct way that seeing the kind of “support” that Kiev has provided Crimea so far, the inhabitants of the peninsula will gladly do without.

“The Crimeans will be grateful if Poroshenko leaves them alone, without […] intrusive attention,” the MP said.

It must be said that except to be masochistic, it is not clear what would attract the inhabitants to a country that successively cut off the water supply of the Crimean canal of the North, installed a food blockade, then end of 2015 deprived the peninsula of electricity in the middle of winter.

“That is why the inhabitants of the Crimea prefer that Mr. Poroshenko leave the peninsula without his worries and paternal care,” concluded the politician.

The Ukrainian and Western propaganda which demands the return of the Crimea by Russia, screaming at the violations of human rights and the so-called deterioration of the situation of the Crimean Tatars, has just taken a big blow in the head. No one in the Crimea, not even the Tatars, wants to return to Ukraine, and no one wants the attention and support of this terrorist country.

Moreover, during a program of the Rossia 24 channel, Alexander Zakharchenko officially confirmed what many have been saying for a long time here: the Donbass will not return to Ukraine, even federalised.

“In 2014 we were ready to discuss the federalisation of Ukraine, but in 2015-2016 and 2017, too much blood has been shed, for us to even think about returning to Ukraine. We can discuss common life in the framework of two independent states. Good neighborly relations etc. But neither my compatriots nor I want to return to Ukraine. We have too many grievances. We are fighting for independence,” he said.

A declaration that joins this is an informal poll by a Western Ukrainian who, by questioning the people he knows in Donetsk, has discovered that 75% consider themselves Russians, and that nobody wants to return to Ukraine.

Indeed, in the DPR, even some Ukrainian prisoners of war do not want to return to their homeland, as revealed by the visit of Ruban and Savchenko last week. This speaks volumes about the love that some people have for their “homeland.”

So it is not by declaring that the inhabitants of Donbass are not interested in Ukraine, which doesn’t want anything but the land as Leonid Kravchuk (first Ukrainian president) said on TV, nor by bombing the water treament station, nor by invading its territory after the evacuation of personnel to fire on Yassinovataya and Spartak as Ukrainian radicals were doing this weekend, that the Donbass population will want to return to Ukraine. The Stockholm syndrome has its limits after all.

The Ukrainian radicals have left the territory of the purification plant but are fortifying a position just 100 meters from the it, in order to continue playing with the nerves of the army and the authorities of the RPD, In order to push them to the fault.

The Ukrainian provocations against the civilian population will continue until they cross the red line and obtain the desired reaction: the violation of the Minsk accords by the DPR army.

It is this suicidal desire to push this mad logic to the end that makes us fear the worst as the Ukrainian army amasses new Grad multiple rocket launchers in Mariupol.

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