Emmanuel “Rothschild” Macron: The Globalists’ Response to Trump, Putin, and Le Pen

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February 14, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

Ruslan Ostashko, LiveJournal – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

The situation surrounding the French elections clearly shows what kind of clever and experienced opponents we are dealing with. The supranational oligarchy and bureaucracy are genuinely dangerous opponents that are not so simple to deal with even if Putin and Trump will agree to cooperate against them. 

The most dangerous feature of this supranational oligarchy and bureaucracy which Putin mentioned at Valdai is not its financial resources or its access to the levers of power – although this is very important. The most dangerous aspect is the capability of the Soroses and Kagans to learn. The supranational elites that until only recently completely controlled the US and are now decisively influencing European policy are no decrepit and inadequate late Soviet Politburo. They are a group of clever and experienced businessmen and politicians who can still spill a lot of blood. 

Look at what is now happening in France and you’ll see just how subtly, effectively, and prudently they’ve fooled French voters and manipulated their emotions in their favor.

Just one month ago, the majority of experts preferred the candidate Francois Fillon who was liked by the French public, had a high approval rating, high party support, and could take advantage of the fact that voters are sick and tired of the existing political establishment and Francois Hollande in particular. Fillon’s candidacy completely suited Russia and it seemed like all would be well. But no. 

The supranational oligarchy and bureaucracy inflicted a double blow. First, they found dirt on Fillion which even by European standards is ridiculous and, given total media promotion, effectively collapsed his approval rating. Now even his fellow party members have demanded that he forfeit his candidacy. 

Secondly, the supranational oligarchy has clearly demonstrated that it has learned from Trump’s victory in the US and has quickly arranged the appearance of a supposedly independent and anti-system candidate who will chip away at the same protesting electorate that is tired of boring and corrupt politicians. 

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Meet Emmanuel Macron – a French politician, the ex-minister of the economy, and former investment banker for the Rothschilds. However, of course, intelligence services employees would like to clarify that there are no “former” bankers. 

The history of Macron’s emergence in the presidential race shows the ease with which investment bankers, PR spin doctors, and the media are able to craft an anti-system candidate. He’s not running for election for the boring parties, but has out of nowhere formed his own movement that is considered neither left nor right, but which can take the maximum number of dissatisfied voters from all ends of the political spectrum. His program is titled no more nor less than “Revolution!” and promises voters to be good in everything and against everything bad – without much specifics.

The image of a revolutionary banker appears to me to be a little moronic. But, judging by surveys, some voters do not see any contradictions in this. Even if we allow for the possibilities of these surveys deliberately raising Macron’s rating, the results of his PR campaign are still impressive. 

Macron’s PR workers have for now managed to combine two incompatible things in his image: it is as if he is for soft economic neoliberalism, but for the common man and against the establishment. In addition, he is also in favor of Europe and multiculturalism, but they’re trying to make these aspects not stick out, since you never know when the next terrorist attack or mass rape could take place and harm his approval rating.

It is very likely that the next round of elections in France will pit Marine Le Pen and Macron. It bears recognition that this former Rothschild’s banker has a large chance of winning since all the media and establishment parties will agitate for him. His victory could be thwarted only by a very serious scandal in the likes of exposing Hillary Clinton’s secret correspondences, or an unprecedented mobilization of French Eurosceptics. In general, all hopes are pinned on Russian hackers and Julian Assange. 

Finally, I’ve told you all of this not because this and following the French elections is very interesting, but to emphasize that Macron’s victory would be nothing tragic – we will certainly survive it. But in observing how his public image is being built and what messages he is promoting in his election campaign, it cannot be overlooked that our geopolitical opponents are certainly preparing their own Macron for presidential elections in Russia. They even have several potential Macrons who they’ll dress up in the clothes of revolutionaries, populists, truth-tellers, and fighters against corruption and the establishment. Work in this direction is already underway. 

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Look at how Navalny, Kasyanov, and even Roizman’s images are built, the latter of whom’s candidacy is already actively being whispered about by Moscow political strategists. But I’d like to say that it is good that Russia is not France. There is no candidate here who has such chances, and this is very good. 

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