Eurovision: A Symbol of Ukraine’s Failed Euro-Fascism


February 27, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

Ivan Okhlobystin, RT – translated by J. Arnoldski –

Soon Ukraine will host the Eurovision contest, an international cultural event which you probably remember by its bearded female singer. Last year a Ukrainian won, so the event is to be held in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukraine considers Russia to be an “aggressor country,” so it has drawn up a list of artists who allegedly threaten its national security. Although this is clearly nonsense, because Ukraine’s national security is first and foremost threatened by the officials in the likes of those who are making such lists.

Almost all real artists have landed on the list, although with the exception of young children whom Ukrainian officials simply don’t know. And also on the list are those who have with their performances and creativity in one way or another declared their love for the Motherland.

And on separate, smaller lists figure those who have not fallen for such “nonsense.” Some of them have long ago “given in” because such has a huge impact on their wallets. Well, we don’t appreciate traitors.

So Ukraine will not let in Russian artists if they love their Motherland. But those who curse the Motherland are welcome!

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Therefore, I believe that there is no need to split hairs, as everything is very straightforward. Russia cannot provide its own participants because there’s not enough of the scum and cows among them that Ukraine needs.

Yet I am sure that Ukraine will greatly appreciate such a selection, because not all of Ukraine considers Russia to be an “aggressor country.” There are also those who see no difference between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples. They will respectfully understand, while the opinions of open fascists should not interest us.

Yet the only thing for the rest of them is our own misunderstanding: if you don’t love us, then why don’t you break of diplomatic relations? 

Are you afraid? That’s right. You are nothing without Russia – at all levels, and first and foremost in media. 

If there will be no Russian artists at this Eurovision, then there will be no point in holding this contest in Ukraine. There will just be scandals, and the budget for the event will simply be plundered. The organizing will be a scene of confusion, and suitcases will go missing. 

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And as an icing on the cake, there will be a Nazi torchlight procession in the center of Kiev. 

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