Germans Can Now Legally Be Called A “Mongrel Race”

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February 28th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

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– Junge Freiheit – – translated by Samer Hussein –

According to the official court documents, Germans can now legally be called a “Mongrel race”.

Such decision was recently taken by the Prosecutors Office in Hamburg after a hate speech charge against Malik Karabulut, the now former board member of a local Turkish Parents’ Association, was dropped.

The cause for Karabulut’s hateful outburst was said to be a Bundestag’s decision to recognize the WW1 Turkish systematic executions of Armenians as a genocide. In his Facebook rant Karabulut allegedly called German people a “filthy dog clan whose Jewish blood still flows in their veins and have murdered more people all over the world than hardly anybody else”.

Despite this, the Hamburg Prosecutors Office decided to drop all charges against Karabulut’s hate crime. In an explanation for the decision taken, it was stated that Karabulut’s words were expressed way too generalized and were not particularly directed at any distinguished group of people (what would otherwise be required to constitute a hate crime).

A functionary from the aforementioned Turkish association later apologized for Karabulut’s hate speech.
In a statement which was published by the Hamburg-based Turkish Parents’ Association it read “The organisation strongly opposes any form of discrimination based on race, language, religion or gender”.

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