Givi’s death will not break Donbass, just ask Winston Churchill

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February 9, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

Ruslan Ostashko, Live Journal – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

Heroes don’t die – Mikhail Tolstykh – Givi

I understand that euphoria and dizziness from success is now reigning in certain circles in Kiev, but I have the strong felling that this joy will be just as short and meaningless as the joy in Hitler’s headquarters over the initial successes of the German army during the Balaton Operation in March 1945. Back then, it very quickly became clear that this offensive would be the last offensive operation of Fascist Germany in the Second World War. The Kiev regime, like Hitler’s in 1945, feels ill and is desperate for at least some kind of noticeable success. Unlike their ideological predecessors, however, Ukrainian nationalist cretins are incapable of arranging military successes, so they’ve had to limit their success to the terroristic level. But what can you do with the Chocolate Reich? 

Kiev is apparently counting on the death of Givi demoralizing the Donbass militia, rendering it unfit for action, lowering the quality of its command, and thereby contributing to a military victory over the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics. If those who ordered and perpetrated this operation were foreigners, then I would not exclude this theory – they might have operated with the belief that the people of Donbass does not in fact want to fight the Kiev regime. According to this logic, if the charismatic L/DPR leaders are eliminated, then the militia will disband on their own and go home. 

But I’ll say right away: the militia will not disband and there will be no breakthrough in military terms. Even the death of the most charismatic and beloved commanders cannot break the will of the people of Donbass to live freely on their own land and live according to their own laws.

Of course, these panic actions are understandable since on the horizon is the possibility that Donbass will hold elections provided for by the Minsk Agreements, the collective West will start to recognize these elections, and then Kiev will be forced to recognize the elected Donbass authorities. 

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All the arguments of Ukrainian diplomacy and propaganda on the need to withdrawal the mythical Russian army from the L-DPR and return control over the border to Kiev were trashed by the German Ambassador to Ukraine, Ernst Reichel, who emphasized that Germany held democratic elections in the presence of a military contingent of the USSR, and this didn’t stop anyone. 

Now I understand that the German Ambassador has been summoned to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Rada deputies want to give him a filibuster on the 25th anniversary of Ukrainian-German relations. Meanwhile, Ukrainian social networks are discussing a boycott of German goods. I can speculate over where the German Ambassador will tell Ukrainian diplomats to stick it, but the joke about boycotting German goods is just hilarious. The Kiev regime is not going to get anywhere. Delaying the end will not work, and judging by the hysterics in German media on the change out of Angela Merkel’s government, this is so even though the Chocolate Reich has finally got some European sympathizers. 

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When elections in Donbass are held and recognized, this will mean the ideological, moral, and political bankruptcy of the current Ukrainian regime. Perhaps this could be followed by a civil war of all against all. But there’s another scenario in which  Ukraine could immediately opt for formal and informal confederalization under which those parts of former Ukraine who don’t like the ideology of contemporary national idiocy could engage in economic and cultural integration with Russia. Meanwhile, all the others could continue to dream about joining the EU, which never needed them and never will.

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Winston churchill once succinctly formulated the main problem that enemies of our country face. He said that our country’s actions are “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Then this phrase came to be quoted in the West on the very essence of Russia and the mysterious Russian soul. But the solution is simple. At the necessary moments in history, our people chooses and produces from its ranks a number of such heroes as Givi and Motorola. They appear where no Western analyst would have predicted them. We have such a people, that every second Russian is a potential Givi or Motorola. It is precisely for this reason that their deaths are a tragedy, but a tragedy that changes nothing globally, changes nothing in Russian history, and in no way helps those behind their murder. Our people will inevitably bring the cause of the heroes of Donbass to a victorious end. 

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