Is a new Maidan starting in Kiev? [+ video]


February 20th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

RusVesna – by James Harmon –
video below

On Feburary 19, in Kiev’s center, there was an active preparation for what could become the new Maidan. Several thousand people had gathered, blocked off by Police Barricades. The deeply unpopular Poroshenko regime is contained within the cordoned off government quarter located on Bankova street.

Due to the excessive aggression of the crowd, the Police have detonated minor explosives used for crowd control purposes.

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At the head of the column, a notable figure from the Maidan, Volodymyr Parasyuk, can be seen, along with notorious “Donbass” Battalion figure Semen Semenchenko. The telltale signs of Ukrainian far right organizations were present, such as the infamous red and black flags that are associated with the notorious Pravy Sektor and other dangerous organizations.

Prior to arrival at the city center the column had marched through the city past Ivan Franko Park.

The march was organized by Far – Right organization OUN, which is a proscribed extremist organization in the Russian Federation.

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