Is Nikolaev region next to break away from Ukraine? Governor: It’s 65% separatist!


Alexey Savchenko

February 28, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Translated by Kristina Kharlova

The Governor of Nikolayevshchina (Mykolaiv- ukr. or Nikolaev – rus) estimated the region is 65% separatist

The head Nikolaev region Alexey Savchenko on the occasion of the termination of deputy powers wrote a speech in which he estimated the area is “65% separatist”, reports Inshe.TV.

The speech was published in a closed parliamentary group of BPP. Journalists did not specify exactly how they got a hold of this information.

In his statement Savchenko describes the conditions in which he had to work, and claims that 65% of the population – are “latent separatists”.

Nikolaev region (East of Odessa) is located in the historic region which was previously occupied by Novorossia governorate of the Russian empire. It traditionally voted for pro-Russian candidates as opposed to more nationalist Western and Central Ukraine. Above map shows that historic Novorossia governorate map coincided with presidential elections map of 2010, won by Yanukovich 

“Today I run one of the most important and challenging regions of our state. They are 65% latent separatists, and the majority of the population speaks Russian. Mykolaiv region has always voted for the Party of Regions, and then for the Opposition Bloc [a shadow of former Party of Regions – KK]. Even Kherson is more pro-Ukrainian!” – said Savchenko.

According to him, this situation has evolved as a result of total industrial devastation: many large enterprises went bankrupt, business is in decline, infrastructure is destroyed. However, Savchenko said that he will do everything possible to rectify the situation in the region.

KK: Nikolaev was founded by Grigory Potemkin, the founder of Black sea fleet and a lover of Russian empress Catherine the Great. Below is my translation of that story:

The man who annexed Crimea – Prince Potemkin, the shadow ruler of Russia, and the secret husband of Catherine the Great. Part 1

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