Murder of Givi did not happen without a betrayal

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February 8, 2017 -Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

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“There were a lot of Ukrainian spies around Givi” —

The murder of Somali Battalion Commander Givi did not happen without a betrayal.

“Today, 06.12 local time the DPR  hero, Givi, commander of the Somalia battalion, Colonel Mikhail Tolstykh, was murdered.  This is a continuation of the terrorist war launched by Kiev authorities against residents of Donbass. An investigative team is at work at the site of the terrorist attack” said a representative of the Ministry of Defence of the DPR.

The Defense Ministry also added that DPR security measures are in effect, urged residents to remain calm, and in case of detection of suspicious persons, to report it to  state security: the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the military commandant’s office.

“We know what sort of people they are and we will find them, and they will be punished to the fullest extent of the laws of war,” – said the prosecutor’s office.

Not for the first time there is a feeling that Kiev, unable to achieve real victories on the battlefield, has decided to declare a subversive-terrorist war on the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, to decapitate the army, depriving them of the most famous and respected leaders. Recall that in October last year another legendary commander of the DNR – Arseny Pavlov (Motorola) was killed in a terrorist attack in the elevator of his house in Donetsk. Last Saturday the head of the Lugansk Police Department Oleg Anaschenko was assassinated by a car bomb in the center of town.

We note that, according to some, the  Anaschenko murder has been solved.

Will the murders of Motorola and Givi be solved? And can the authorities of the people’s republics reply to all the escalation against given the obvious failure of the Minsk process, and pressure the international community over Kiev’s wave of terror with Ukrainian saboteurs.

– I would separate the Anaschenko murder and attacks against Motorola and Givi, – political scientist Eduard Popov said. – In the first case, the Ukrainians attacked the military control structure of Lugansk, but the murder Motorola and Givi — that’s a psychological blow: it’s a strategy of intimidating the republics. The murdered men were the most famous war leaders of the DPR and their murder, I think, was done by  Ukrainians precisely for information warfare. Something like that can not be countered: almost all Ukrainian Nazi commanders are alive and well, and some even are deputies in the Verkhovna Rada. The plan, widely touted by some Ukrainian politicians – the elimination of ‘militants’ leaders through terrorist attacks – is effective, we have to grant them that.

 – What will be the reaction of the DPR authorities? Recently we reported that in Lugansk they were able to solve the murder Anaschenko without delay. Will Givi’s killers be found?

– I think, on the part of the republic’s leadership, Pushilin himself will lodge some accusation against Kiev for violation of the Minsk accords. In any case, this murder, as well as previous attacks against known commanders LDNR points to problems in the republics. It could not have been done without betrayal. Otherwise Ukrainians could not get to a very guarded person and carry out the plan. It has been repeatedly stated that LDNR is larded with Ukrainian agents, including in the law enforcement agencies. Any day now a large-scale war with Ukraine will start, and in the power ministries of republics a Ukraine fifth column is in place (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of State Security, the Customs office), not to mention the civil departments, in the tax authorities. Therefore, I think that Givi’s killers are likely to be found, but it will not solve the problem. There remains the possibility such terrorist attacks will continue.

Will Kiev claim responsibility for the murder? Will the West turn a blind eye? Is it really according to “Minsk”?

– Of course, it is not “according to Minsk.” 

But will this make any change in the view of the west about what is happening? 

– If Ukraine allows the shelling of Donetsk with missile artillery a million times over, the “international community” calls on both sides to cease fire! And the West expects from Donbas Tolstoyan demonstrations, until it is ready to die under the blows of Ukrainian terrorist forces without complaint. What in this scenario, is the death of one person, even one so well-known as Givi? 

– But official Kiev has created a comfortable psychological excuse, blaming all the dirty deeds of the Nazis on the uncontrollable “volunteer battalions.” Unfortunately, much of this sly game was contributed by the absolutely foolish “diplomacy” of the republics, when representatives LDNR in Minsk themselves stated that the fire on the positions of the republics were not by the APU, but “independent volunteer battalions.” Similar statements were heard in the fall of 2014 and objectively worked into Ukrainian propaganda. 

Why haven’t special units of DPR and LPR carried out similar operations in enemy territory? No political will, or is it technically impossible?

– Carrying out similar actions in Ukraine is very difficult, dangerous, and unlikely repay all the risks. Second, even the successful implementation of such an action against the leader of a NAZBAT will benefit President Poroshenko – his number one enemy (NAZBAT) eliminated at the hands of his enemy number two (Republics  of Donbass). Is it worth while to play this alien game? In addition, the killing of a leader will be an occasion for Kiev and the Western media to accuse LDNR of … disrupting the Minsk agreements! Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi. [Ancient summary of double standards — tr]

 How do you think you can improve security? After all the terrorists quite insolently get into the home of Motorola, the office of Givi …

– Earlier I said (more precisely, I repeated what has long spoken in security agencies of the Republic) in LDNR the outlook is unfavorable — there are too many Ukrainian agents. Without radically cleaning out Ukrainian agents from the security forces and civilian agencies, the problem won’t be solved. There is corruption thriving in LDNR. Only one agency, I think, is relatively sound: the army, the People’s militia DNR and LNR. The rest of the structure in one degree or another (probably with the exception of well-working public services) needs radical de-Ukrainization and a struggle against corruption.

I am sure that after these words of mine many in the LDNR will be indignant, as happened before. Well, the thief wears the cap. Peoples Republics of Donbass have become popular not only in name. There was formed a layer of politicians who are openly parasites on the republics, leading a luxurious lifestyle, driving expensive cars, while the people lead a half-starved existence. Complete analogy with the situation in Ukraine. There the “Maidan” stood against the oligarchs, and got an oligarch president. Therefore, I summarize with regret : in the current system of power, without radical cleansing of the administrative apparatus of the Ukrainian corrupt agents, the problem will not be resolved.

– This is how the junta eliminates major media figures of Donbas – a source in the operational command of the DNI told SvP.

– Professionals understand truth: that the good of one particular Givi is not so much in the case of large-scale fighting, but in his being a symbol, a hero of “revolution.” They thus seek demoralization.

It is unlikely that it will affect the combat capability of the militia, but the noise will crescendo. Unfortunately, these are elements of high politics. Now it has become obvious connection Ukrainian DRGs with US intelligence agencies. Americans love from any war to make a show, it’s all the elements of this “bloody Hollywood”. We must say today that the people are sleeping, and do not understand that the war against the republic has passed the stage of the terrorist war.

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