Allied forces leave Palmyra desert littered with corpses [+Photos and Video]

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Feburary 27th, 2017 – Fort Russ News

RusVesna – Translated By James Harmon

The desert in the eastern Syrian province of Homs is littered with corpses and military equipment. Syrian and Russian allied forces, on the road to Palmyra, have killed a large number of insurgents.

The Syrian army, with the support of the Russian air force steadily progresses with skirmishes, approaching Palmyra from the west. On Sunday, military released a number of objects near the gas fields in Al Mahr.

The 5th legion and the 18th Armored Division amongst the Russian-Syrian allied forces continued to face attacks against government forces after the capture of a large hill Tel Siriatel morning. In this battle allied forces killed a large number of militants, destroyed 2 tanks and 3 pickup trucks outfitted with automatic weapons.

Shortly after the release of the height of Tel Siriatel, allied divisions attacked the position of ISIS in the quarries near the gas fields in Al Mahr. The soldiers defeated the terrorists from the quarries and all their strongholds in the place of production of hydrocarbons.

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After taking this important position with the armed forces of Syrian Arab Army, allied forces have also received proper position to strike at the occupants of the gas fields of Al Mahr and now they can begin the assault to take this important object of natural resources.

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