Poroshenko Regime enacts wave of repressive laws amid nationalist protests

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February 23, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Polit Navigator , Antifascist  – by James Harmon

President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, has been accused of making authoritarian moves amid waves of protests by nationalists. Due to the overwhelmingly large number of protesters and the virulent nature of the “March for National Dignity”, the Poroshenko regime has enacted laws that appear to create a more authoritarian grip on power, particularly in the judicial system.

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Ukrainian lawyers were subjected to harsh criticism by President Poroshenko, supported by changes in criminal precedings that relate to “in absentia” conviction.

Managing partner of the law firm “Lex End Buckler”, the lawyer Oleg Babich told a Ukrainian publication, that he had begun tracing one of the perceived dictatorial laws passed under the Poroshenko regime.

“Propelled by pro government deputies, this project is an approved carbon copy of the dictatorial laws passed January 16th.” 2 years ago, the lawyer stated that the laws had been quashed, but due to believing their own impunity, the government has now begun applying laws from the former regime, formerly deemed “Criminal” in nature.

Babich informed that now due to new laws, suspects may now be held for half a years’ time, and have their property confiscated in addition to detention by the state. Babich warns that a new era of authoritarian measures by the state is at hand with grave implications for the whole of Ukrainian society and their civil liberties.

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