Putin’s decree on recognizing DPR/LPR is a clear warning to Kiev junta – Martynov


February 20, 2017 – 

Anti-Fascist – translated by J. Arnoldski – 

By decreeing that documents issued in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics be recognized in Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin is sending a clear signal to the Kiev regime which has long since lost any sense of reality: you have one last chance to save your statehood. This is the interpretation of the director of the International Institute for Newly-Established States, Aleskey Martynov. 

“At the press conference following the meeting of the Normandy Four, Sergey Lavrov, responding to a journalist’s question about the Russian president’s decision to temporarily recognize L/DPR documents, stated that this measure is temporary and humanitarian, based on international humanitarian law, and will be in effect until Ukraine finally implements the Minsk Agreements,” Martynov recalled.

The director continued: “In so doing, Russia is undoubtedly encouraging the Ukrainian authorities to fulfill Minsk 2 as soon as possible. However, since the leaders of France and Germany are the ones sponsoring Poroshenko, the behavior of Ukrainian leaders is in Berlin and Paris’ zone of responsibility…Meanwhile, the ‘Chocolate King’ [Poroshenko] himself is telling his subjects on Twitter that the US, through the mouth of Vice President Pence, whom he managed to meet on the go on the sidelines of the Munich conference, ‘will keep him and Ukraine among their priorities.’”

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The decision of the president of Russia to temporarily recognize L/DPR documents on Russian territory is directly based on the provisions of the Minsk Agreements. “For the Donbass republics, this is a big step towards being recognized as sovereign. Whatever the global media and their lackey Ukrainian journalists might say, Russia’s recognition of the breakaway republics’ documents is a very important and necessary signal. First and foremost, this is a signal for the ‘war games’ being played by the Ukrainian elite, if they can be called such,” Martynov emphasized.

“Russia and Vladimir Putin personally have for the last three years given enormous efforts to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” Martynov recalled.

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The political analyst concluded: “Crimea’s return home in 2014 and the ‘Crimea consensus’ in Russian society insistently demand a just resolution for Donbass as well. The containment of this impulse could lead to serious bouts within the country. Therefore, the speedy implementation of the Minsk Agreements on peacefully settling and ending the civil war in South-East Ukraine could still save the Ukrainian state from a downhill slide and prevent significant territorial losses and impending semi-collapse. Further delay by the Kiev leaders could bring death to Ukrainian statehood.” 

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