Putin’s visit to Hungary: Will there be a common anti-Soros front?

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February 3, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

Ruslan Ostashko, Live Journal – translated by J. Arnoldski –

Vladimir Putin’s visit to Budapest is stirring European and Ukrainian media. First of all, everyone is offended by the fact that the Russian president peacefully landed in a country belonging to the EU and NATO and found understanding and full support there. 

Second of all, it appears like Russia is able to offer EU countries very attractive terms of cooperation that could outweigh all talk of European solidarity against Russia. As always, it’s suddenly been rediscovered that the riches that come from working with Russia triumph over evil.

What’s more, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has stabbed “young Ukrainian democracy” in the back by stating that the transit of gas through Ukraine is unreliable, and that Hungary supports diversifying deliveries. Translated from Hungarian diplomatic language into simple English, this approximately sounds like this: “Ukraine and Naftogaz are out, we support Nord Stream 2 through which Putin has promised to supply us gas.” Now Ukraine has the bad luck of losing yet another European country to supporting Nord Stream 2. Against this background, the resolution introduced to the Verkhovna Rada that will severely undercut the rights of the Russian and Hungarian languages in Ukraine looks very timely. It will further enrage Budapest which traditionally, fiercely protects the rights of Hungarian minorities in other countries.

Here it is necessary to say a few words about the Hungarian PM, whose behavior has so upset European and Ukrainian media, not to mention Angela Merkel herself. Viktor Orban is a “Poroshenko in reverse.” For example, instead of serving the IMF, European Commission, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros, he has always entered into sharp conflict with them and always come out the winner. 

The Hungarian prime minister is no Che Guevara, and he perfectly understands limits, but he has nevertheless simply kicked the IMF delegation out of Budapest and closed down Soros’ foundation branches despite the fact that Hungary has always been considered basically the property of this American billionaire. He’s also always been at loggerheads with Hillary Clinton over ideological differences, and he has not hesitated to ignore the European Commission when it pushes demands at Hungary while always shaking her off to the max when it comes to allocating European funds for the country.

Despite all of the rowdy behavior and several attempts at organizing color revolutions in Hungary, Orban has for many years remained in power, and Hungary remains in the EU. This is an example of correctly protecting national interests. Perhaps the Hungarians’ success is related to the fact that Hungary has nationally-oriented elite, not a kleptocratic oligarchy like Ukraine. 

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Unfortunately, Hungary hardly acts like a country that will veto the extension of EU sanctions against Russia. The price of this action would be too expensive, and Orban is first and foremost a pragmatist. The $6.5 billion that Hungary loses yearly due to the sanctions is still less than the money that Hungary would be deprived of by the European Union. 

However, in the first convenient instance, Hungary could support some of the European heavyweights on this matter, such as if the new French or Italian governments oppose the renewal of sanctions. 

But we need Hungary for a slightly different purpose. 

By building an example of cooperation with Russia with this country, and by building an ultramodern nuclear power plant there, we are destroying the myths about Russia. First, it will be made clear that cooperating with Russia is beneficial. Secondly, that Russia is not a gas station with an economy “torn to shreds”, but an exporter of high technology at an affordable price. Thirdly, that Russia can be cooperated with even in such a complex sphere as nuclear energy. 

This is truly mutually beneficial PR, which of course has no effect on the stubborn Clintonites and Soros grant receivers from the Eurocommission, but works wonderfully on the European business elite and those politicians for whom their countries’ interests are more important than the ideological trademarks of Victoria Nuland.

And finally, with Donald Trump’s ascent to power, there has been a perking up of all those who want and need to urgently and radically reform the EU in order for it to finally start working for EU citizens, not the handful of supranational oligarchs mentioned by Vladimir Putin at Valdai. The European politicians grown in the laboratories of the CIA and State Department are now demanding that all of Europe show solidarity in front of the threat of “Putinism” and “Trumpism” which could destroy the EU. 

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The case of Hungary shows that there will be no such “solidarity.” Putin and Trump will undermine the European bureaucracy from without while such people as Orban, Beppe Grillo, Marine Le Pen, and Geert Wilders will hollow it out from within until it is completely destroyed. I’ve often said that any empire which includes Ukraine necessarily falls apart. This time, the EU could collapse even though Ukraine really wanted in but wasn’t allowed to enter. History has a good sense of humor. 

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