Russian Phone Hooligans Pretend to be Ukrainian President, Negotiate with Head of NATO [ENG Subs]


Fort Russ, Feb 11th, 2017
Original videos from Vovan’s YouTube Channel
Translated by Tatzhit Mihailovich

Lexus and Vovan did have multiple officially confirmed pranks before, i.e. negotiating with Poroshenko as “President of Kyrgizstan” , negotiating with President of Belarus as “son of Yanukovich”, with Elton John as “representative of Vladimir Putin”, etc. etc. 

Discussion of prank: 

Actual “negotiations” with Secretary General Stoltenberg: 

Discussion of older prank negotiations with US Gen. NcNeely (explains technology of setting up pranks), plus actual recording:

PS. The authenticity of this latest prank has been confirmed via voice analysis (performed for LifeNews by the head of forensics division of the Russian Federation Anti-corruption Committee), although as a “NATO secret” it likely won’t be acknowledged officially.

PPS. Multiple Russian and Ukrainian officials were also fooled by Lexus and Vovan, including head of Russia’s Central Election Commission, the Minister of Sports Mutko, “Adorable Crimean Prosecutor” AKA Natalia Poklonskaya, “Great Boxer Turned Crappy Mayor” AKA Vitaly Klichko, “Tie Eater” AKA fugitive Georgian president Mihail Saakashvili, not to mention dozens of celebrities and athletes, mostly Russian. 
Not officially confirmed but likely real prank was also played on Turkish President Recep Erdogan. 

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