“Syrian opposition groups need equal representation at next Geneva talks” – Moscow

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February 18th, 2017 – Fort Russ News

– Tishreen News – translated by Samer Hussein –

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov stressed the importance for equal representation of all opposition groups during the next round of Geneva talks which are focused on resolving the crisis in Syria. “Russia insists that representatives of all opposition groups who previously participated in Astana I and ll talks, including the armed ones, participate in the next round of talks which will kick off in Geneva next week.”

The statement came yesterday, following De Mistura’s visit to Moscow. 

“We have spoken with De Mistura and we both emphasize that it would be a mistake to focus on only one group, in particularly the Riyadh-funded one. The opposition groups based in Moscow, Cairo, Astana and Hmeimim must also participate in the talks”, Gatilov said.

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He also added that participation of the Syrian Kurds must be ensured. 

Speaking with the SANA reporter in Moscow yesterday, Konstantin Kosachyov, chairman of the Russian Federation Council International Affairs Committee said the results of the Astana talks would be more successful if the international community paid closer attention to particular issues while attempting to resolve the crisis in Syria. 

“During the Astana talks it was evident that there are still many opposition actors who don’t want to lay down their weapons as they wish to retain their current roles because they fear that this will lead to the resolution of the conflict. That’s also why their media supporters immediately start to spread hysteria as soon as the certain solution is achieved.”

Kosayhyov also pointed out at mass media propaganda (which is known to be very hostile to Syria) and their fabricated accounts and records, particularly the ones coming from the so-called “humanitarian” organisations such as the Human Rights Watch. The latter are known for frequently resorting to the unverified and biased information from unreliable and questionable sources, mostly submitted on the social media sites by the members of the radical islamist “opposition” groups whose exact identity is often unknown.

Such moves only legitimize these dangerous radical groups and their actions and this further disrupts any political solution or dialogue.

In another statement, Alexey Kondratiev, a member of the Russian Federation Committee for Security and Defense stated: “The international community, including Turkey as well as regional and international powers that are currently sponsoring terrorist organizations must ensure the political success of the process which will lead to the preservation of the independence of Syria, it’s unity and territorial integrity under the leadership of its legitimately elected president Bashar Al Assad.” 

He also stressed that the International Community must ensure the peaceful resolution of the Syrian conflict, all in accordance with the International law and with the help of international bodies and countries who are truly devoted to end the Syrian crisis.

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