“Terrorists Returning From Syria Pose a High Security Risk” – British Intelligence


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February 20th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Al Thawra –  – Translated by Samer Hussein –

Lone-wolf terrorists, returning home from Iraq and Syria (among whom are no longer only the males), are starting to pose a dire security threat for Britain (and about which Syria previously warned), bigger than ever before, especially now that it might also include women and children who are ready to carry out terrorist attacks.

Because of this the British security service is starting to make calls for a greater cooperation in fight against terrorism. For the authorities, the things are highly challenging, as the number of terrorists who have previously been trained by and fought for ISIS are now returning home en masse. As such these people pose a high security risk and can carry out attacks at any moment.

Excerpts from the report which was prepared by the the intelligence officers of the British Prime Minister’s Office and was yesterday published in the Daily Mail, indicate that there is not only a possibility of the lone-wolf style attacks carried out by women and children, but also that there is a critical lack of knowledge as regards dealing with this kind of threat. It is not even clear how many of the British citizens have actually returned to Britain. The report is the first of its kind to provide information on the exceptional number of women and children who are ready to carry out terrorist attacks. Women, however, could avoid being interrogated if it is possible for them to prove that their husbands forced them to come with them.
The report also warned that some of the British women had allegedly served in the so-called Khansa Brigade, an all-women police enforcement entity belonging to the terrorist group ISIS.

Alex Younger, the chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service described the level of terrorist threats as “unprecedented”.
Sir Bernard Hogan Howe, head of the London’s Metropolitan Police also said that the possibility of a terrorist attack is inevitable, and that the case is no longer about the extent of the possible attack, but rather when the attack will take place.

Various reports indicate that more than 850 British citizens have traveled to Iraq and Syria so far. Majority of them are believed to have joined ISIS and at least half of them have since returned to Britain. About 80 women and 90 children, all of whom were born in Britain, are believed to have stayed in Iraq and Syria, indicating that the real number of returnees may be greater than excepted, especially because many of the British-born terrorists also had their children born while waging jihad in the Middle East.

In January, Ben Wallace, British Minister of State for Security Affairs, warned that ISIS terrorists are planning attacks with chemical weapons in Britain. According to his statement, ISIS want to use the chemical weapons in order to be able to cause as many casualties as possible.

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