The Fraud of Modern Humanitarianism

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February 27th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Analysis by Samer Hussein –

Let me begin by saying that I am in no way encouraging the people to not help the other people in need. I would only like to clarify and explain some things as regards the contemporary humanitarian work and the related activities.

We are all being surrounded by the types of adverts such as “help the poor”, “feed the hungry”, “save the children” etc… that are usually accompanied by terrifying photos or videos that would subconsciously pressure the people to start looking for any cents or pennies they might have. But does doing any of this actually makes any sense? Will the poor and the hungry really become full because of our humble contributions?

In 1995 The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (shortly UNICEF) found itself in the midst of a controversy after its Kenya branch was found of defrauding its very own organisation for more than $10 Million. Already back then (and nowadays too) UNICEF was using different measures to increase its budget. One of such measures was selling postcards. It was said that every pack of postcards sold makes a contribution towards ending the child suffering and poverty, particularly in Africa. 

It of course remains a question  how much of that money, collected from the “good-willing” people actually went to those in need and how much of it ended on bank accounts belonging to the “wrong people”. This incident (and many similar) was basically a spit in the face of all those who actually wanted to help.

The most important thing to do when hearing a call for help is to check the direction of where the call is coming from.

Many years ago I saw an advert for helping the children of Africa on the world’s largest Music TV Network. Like many of its parallels, the advert was playing a nasty psychological game of emotional pressure that would eventually trigger the people to pick up their goddamn phone and donate. 

Instead of donating, I rather asked myself this: “Why would a TV network sitting on a $5 Billion Dollars budget be running an aid campaign? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate of them to silently make small contributions every now and then, rather than “begging” for money from random individuals watching their programme? Unless, maybe, they have some other purposes”.

Indeed, it is commonly known that a lot of money collected through these charities and aid campaigns usually ends up on bank accounts from Bermuda to Nicosia and Doha after being trusted to be handled by the shady individuals and organisations.

What’s the point of organizing a live concert for Africa to end the poverty if among your sponsors there is a certain multinational corporation that was covertly involved in starting the civil war in Congo, only to be able to exploit and gather large quantities of Cobalt Coltan at the cheapest price possible?

This is no humanitarianism. This is just a show and a way of deceiving the people and teasing those who actually are in need. Throwing sand in the eyes of a blind one in hope that he will gain his sight.

It also never ceases to amaze me seeing representatives of certain global multinational corporations, known for severe mistreatment of their workers and laying off their workforce in thousands in order to “rationalize” their budgets, attending various charity events dedicated to the people in need. Again, this is all just acting. In fact, it’s a way to gather more trust among the consumers by showing them how loving and caring and well aware you are, a tune the masses love to hear.

When I woke up today, I saw the news that the movie (pardon the word here, please. It’s not a movie, it’s a commercial, actually), dedicated to the so-called “White Helmets”, won an Oscar Award as the best documentary feature. Normally I wouldn’t give a damn about this as I am not interested in Hollywood’s rubbish that is said to be cinema, however, I nonetheless couldn’t keep quiet about the choice for an award. 

The White Helmets are no humanitarians. The White Helmets are simply the likes of Al Qaeda and Al Nusra in a humanitarian disguise. Members of the organisation were spotted sharing the beheading videos of the Syrian soldiers and often praising the content. Residents of Aleppo also reported seeing White Helmets while they were looting empty homes, there even are cases of vaccination of children with poisonous vaccines. 

Frankly, all this comes as nothing surprising as lots of people who became White Helmets overnight formerly used to be local thugs and smugglers. Can you imagine a group of soccer hooligans suddenly becoming a group of volunteers, dedicating their work to help the refugee children that were placed into asylum-seeking centers??? I don’t think so. 

Being of Syrian background myself I can say that the war in Syria also served as an occasion which helped reveal the true colours of the world’s most respected humanitarian organisations, namely Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch. 

The two came out as not only extremely biased, but also as being the instruments of war that is since 6 years ago being waged against Syria. Their fabricated reports, false claims, portrayals of the terrorists as human rights activists, while, at the same time, deliberately turning blind eyes and deaf ears to the Syrian people and their claims are just some of their many non-humanitarian “humanitarian” stunts. 

Even more – in 2015 it was revealed that some of the HRW reports and statements, a reliance to sectarian rhetoric (in order to justify the attacks against people who are said to be supporting Bashar Al Assad, the president of Syria), was used. Apparently and according to the HRW standards and definitions, the people might deserve to be burned alive in the cages if they, per chance, prefer to support Bashar Al Assad.

A similar “world gone wrong” situation to that in Syria can also be seen in Ukraine. Certain individuals that were not even 4 years ago declared as “some of the most hateful and dangerous people living in Europe” are nowadays being declared as the “democracy seeking human rights activists” by the very same “human rights organisations” that formerly used to blacklist them. You can only guess which ones.

One does not need to be an expert to understand the way the things are and what strings are being pulled in the background. Even a small dose of rational an logical thinking is more than enough to put together all pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together. Let’s use as an example a CEO of a global corporation that has just laid-off 5000 staff. 

Now Imagine that CEO attending a charity event aimed at raising the funds for the impoverished children of unemployed parents so they can go on a holiday for the first time in their life. 

What exactly is that CEO here for? Tasting the wine? Trying out cookies? Sharing his generosity with the others? If you think any or all of that is his purpose, then let me give you a hint that that there is no more help for you and mind won’t permit you to put a single piece of the jigsaw puzzle in the right place. 

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