Ukraine, bankrupt and begging, more than doubles its military budget

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February 25, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Sebastien HAIRON, translated by Tom Winter –

“Thanks pigeons!”

Ah how pretty it was, this pseudo revolution of 2014! It’s beautiful, everyone! It’s nice, everyone!
Except that, three years after this color revolution, though the country is in ruins, the oligarchs continue to stuff their pockets full, starting with those of the Rada and Poroshenko, president of this new Atlantic province.  [Sky high wealth]

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While the Kiev junta is spending most of its time robbing Ukrainians, selling Ukraine’s natural wealth, and asking for money from stateless institutions such as the IMF or the World Bank (based in the US, of course!), yet the one priority of the Kiev regime is not to be at the service and to listen to its people. Russian speakers, and especially those in Donbass know something about it. No, the priority of Poroshenko is to double the budget of the Ministry of Defense: nearly 4 billion euros!

France is not even at 2% of its GDP in terms of defense, while Kiev and its regime go more than double for 2017, passing from 2.45% to 5.2%! My source is Poroshenko’s own site, and the site of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The people of Donbass who have been resisting this corrupt and deadly regime since 2014 are now expecting more this year. Kiev has already given us a foretaste end January – February.

The year 2017 which is likely to be long for all the victims of this iniquitous regime, but its inevitable fall will sound like a liberation for the Ukrainians as for the people of Donbass! Amen!

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