Ukraine persists in heavy bombardments on residential areas. Evacuations underway. [video]


February 2, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

– Christelle Neant in DONiPRESS, translated by Tom Winter –

“We just witnessed a woman with diabetes conducted in an armored transport to be evacuated” Screen capture from the video below.

Although over the last 24 hours the number of shelling by the Ukrainian army on the People’s Republic of Donetsk (DPR) was almost halved (with 1,617 bombardments including 40 multiple rocket launches), the Ukrainian army keeps on targeting civilian dwellings and residential areas, causing further casualties among the population.

Christelle Neant, the DøniPress reporter, writes in French, but is multi-lingual, and in the video above, reports in English.

These bombings, mainly targeting northern Donetsk, Makeevka, Gorlovka and Yasinovataya, damaged or destroyed 38 buildings, including 17 in Makeyevka alone. They also wounded seven civilians, three of them in Donetsk, one in Makeyevka and two in Kominternovo, but the situation could still change. 

As for the army of the RPD, the shots of the last 24 hours left one dead and one wounded.

The shootings this morning also hit the Scheglovskaya Mine in Makeyevka, injuring a miner and forcing 131 miners, who were underground, to evacuate.

The bombardments continue despite heavy losses suffered by the Ukrainian army during the last days, with more than 200 dead and wounded.

Given the continuing bombardment of the Kievskiy district and Yasinovataya (three shells hit the area close to the Yasinovataya railway station this morning), the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RPD has evacuated nearly 80 civilians (including 12 children) from the most dangerous areas since Tuesday night.

And in view of the build-up of men and equipment near Avdeevka, the Ukrainian army looks to be persistent in its offensive attempts. Thus the intelligence services of the RPD detected the installation of a tactical battalion of the 25th brigade of assault, namely volunteers of Pravy Sektor, Azov and Dniepr-1. In total, this group includes 10 infantry companies, 15 tanks, 20 infantry fighting vehicles and 16 mortars.

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