Ukrainian Donbass occupation administrator: local population is dumb, they must be forced to love Ukraine

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February 28, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Translated by Kristina Kharlova

The head of Ukrainian administration: Donbass has a large percentage of dumb population, and you cannot change genetics 

According to the head of the military-civil administration of frontline Krasnogorovka, Levanchuck, there are no more than 50 pro-Ukrainian people among the ten thousand population of Krasnogorovka.

“We get together for our special events — Vyshivanka Day (Ukrainian national shirt day), Flag Day and other national holidays. Ten people take our flags, our symbols. The rest — no” — says the head of Krasnogorovka.

“There is a large percentage of dumb population,- explains Levanchuk.- Eastern Ukraine — Sumy, Kharkiv. Sloboda. What is Sloboda? It’s neutral territory between two countries, where they banished misfits and criminals. And you can’t change the genes. Everything comes from genes. So much for the gene pool. It must be drained”.

For this purpose, according to Levanchuk, the local population should be forced to love Ukraine — what he, by his own admission, is busy doing. “Do you want to get a stove? Love Ukraine. Write an essay, – says Levanchuk. — I have principals write essays about how much they love Ukraine. I am educating them. Say: God forbid I hear Russian language in school (though I am Russian speaking) — will kick you out! They say: “We love Ukraine!” —  Do you? Sit down and write an essay!”

“Now I come to school, and they are all speaking Ukrainian mova [language]. I rip them up,” – boasted Levanchuk.

According to the head of Krasnogorovka, respect for Ukraine must be instilled through repressions: “Only filtration. Only jail. Only through the courts. First, we need to change the judicial system so that it is objective. And that’s all. Judge, judge, judge. For some – real time, others – probation. But so that it stays with them forever. So they all know that you cannot croak against the state”.

The map of protests as of January 26, 2014.
 Red: Administrative buildings captured; Pink: Administrative buildings blocked and clashes with law enforcement; Grey: Quiet

KK: In January 2014 Western supported Ukrainian neo-Nazi and pro-EU nationalist militias captured administrative buildings in Western and Central Ukraine and in the capital of Kiev. The situation was different in Southeastern Ukraine. After pro-federalization marches Southeastern protest leaders began disappearing at the hands of the new authorities in Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk took up arms and successfully resisted Kiev’s military crackdown, Russia helped secure a peaceful referendum in Crimea which has ceded from Ukraine, while other hotbeds of resistance in Southeast were crushed by the new Kiev administration, and pro-federalization leaders jailed.

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