US troops will ‘defend’ Romania


February 23, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

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Jason Ditz in, translated from German by Tom Winter –

“This step is necessary to strengthen defense in Rumania – representatives of the Romanian regime”
Screen capture from Kla.TV


“broadening US military presence and US-dominance now also in Romania” The text below is a translation from the source that Kla.TV cites:

US soldiers and tanks arrive in Romania to ‘defend’ the country,
The most recent NATO deployment calls on Russia again as a justification

500 men of US infantry units with tanks and other vehicles arrived today [February 15] in Romania as part of a new infantry parade in the South-East European country, whose government representatives say that this is necessary to “strengthen the defense of Romania” and to meet America’s commitment to the Allies.

Romania is a member of NATO, and this deployment is presented as one of a series of US marches into Eastern Europe, mainly in the Baltic States, to confront “Russia,” although Romania is not particularly close to Russia and the two countries have maintained fairly good relations for decades.

The United States of America, however, was keen to get more and more troops into the region, and have been particularly keen to have an increasing presence on the Black Sea coast, and in many cases, deployments into NATO countries are a goal in itself, in that the US military will have a presence and subsequently a greater influence in these countries.

The US troops are coming in the middle of massive demonstrations against corruption, where hundreds of thousands of Romanian citizens are going to the streets to bring down the government and force reforms. However, the timing of the arrival of the United States of America to prove its support for Romania is at risk of a setback because it brings the United States of America to the side of an unwelcome and possibly falling government.

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