Zakharchenko: March 1st we say Goodbye to Ukraine!

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February 28th, 2017 – Fort Russ News
PolitNavigator – Translated by James Harmon

The DNR and LNR have not received an official response yet from Ukraine in regards to their objection towards the announcement to nationalize Ukrainian industry.

“You journalists ask how to respond to Ukraine? I think with panic. The day of March first will be when we say farewell to Ukraine. You can observe it yourself. Ukraine assumes that by organizing the blockade, they shall make us suffer. But they are deeply mistaken. We do not need Ukrainian coal or metal. You, however, need this from us.”

Zakharchenko continued: “We do not need Ukraine, Ukraine is in need of us. A large mistake from Poroshenko’s side. As they say: “I left with my tail between my legs”.

Zakharchenko concluded with a final portion of his statement remarking on the lack of cooperation with both sides of the Ukrainian civil war: “Now there is no difference between ending the actions of Banderists, or allowing them to do as they please. The situation changes profoundly now. Ukraine blockades the LNR and DNR, but we do not blockade them. Perhaps they will consider how to negotiate with us. Until this point, there has been no communication to us, and I have doubts that they will even try, until the first day of March.”

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