A current look at the Ukrainian abyss

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March 30, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Christelle NEANT,  in DONiPRESS, translated by Tom Winter –
Note: This is the second part of a long report. The first part dealt with the bombardment of civilian neighborhoods in Donetsk, and is here.

Sinkhole near Solotvino, Ukraine. This one caused by the washout of an old salt mine. Others, just as real, have other causes…

The war crimes are not about to stop when the Azov regiment replaces the Aidar Battalion near Donetsk. The rotation will be done at the expense of the local population. As the Neo-Nazi fighters demand better accommodation than ordinary soldiers, local authorities list the empty houses they can occupy (and plunder) as they please.

And they have an interest in enjoying it as much as they can, as Ukraine is rushing faster and faster towards the bottom of the abyss, as Ukraine is more than served by pressing bad news, both economic and in terms of image of the country.

The Ukrainian subsidiaries of the Russian bank Sberbank, after the acts of vandalism and the restrictions on it, are up for sale. And there is no doubt that other Russian banks will also quickly escape from the Ukrainian quagmire, leaving the Ukrainians all by themselves, and drying up the Russian investment sources that still supplied Ukraine.

As for the IMF, it continues to postpone sine-die discussion on the next tranche of credit to Ukraine, declaring that it will be discussed next Monday but without putting it on the agenda. Result 1.5 billion dollars are still blocked without Ukraine being sure they will come in.

And this financial procrastination is contagious: the World Bank has also decided to postpone (for the moment to May 2) a meeting where a credit of 150 million dollars for Ukraine is to be approved.

And given the judgment rendered by the High Court of London on Ukraine’s debt of 3 billion dollars to Russia, the country’s financial situation is not ready to firm up. The London High Court ruled that the arguments of the Ukrainian authorities for not paying the $ 3 billion Russia lent it in 2013 were invalid.

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In short: Kiev has to pay the $ 3 billion plus interest. Of course Ukraine will appeal this decision and has agreed to a suspension of proceedings until the end of April, stalling for time. But there is little likelihood that the appeal judgment will be different in view of the interstellar void of Kiev’s arguments.

And it is not by excluding the Russian candidate for Eurovision that Ukraine will restore its image. Quite the contrary. As a result of its usual passivity vis-à-vis the Kiev authorities, the Director General of the European Broadcasting Union has indeed threatened to suspend Ukraine from the next editions of Eurovision following this scandalous exclusion, which is nothing less than a political instrumentalization of an event that, like sport, should be neutral and above that kind of conflict between countries.

And this Russophobia is only going to get worse in Ukraine following the signing of a Ukrainian nationalist manifesto. It is completely delirious, outlining a nationalist dystopia for insane madmen.

In a 20-point manifesto highlighting the common goals of the Ukrainian nationalists, leaders such as Oleg Tianybok (Svoboda), Andriy Biletsky (National Corps), Andriy Tarasenko (Pravy Sektor), Stepan Bratsyun (Ukrainian Nationalists Congress), Bogdan Chervak (OUN) and Sergei Mazour (organization C14), threw down on paper all the most delirious and destructive proposals for their country that it was possible to imagine.

In the midst of proposals to create a unified Kiev-based national church (while their Orthodox church is not currently recognized by any other, which would amount to nothing less than eradicating the other Orthodox churches in Ukraine, a flagrant violation of a package of international conventions), there are proposals to impose the Ukrainian language as the only language in Ukraine (destroying not only Russian but also the language of the Crimean Tatars, Hungarians, Ruthenians or Romanians), To regain its status as a nuclear power (I leave you to imagine the disaster when we already see what happened in the conventional ammunition warehouse near Kharkov), stop all trade in Russian companies on Ukrainian territory and thus stop any Russian investment), and revive this old fantasy of the Intermarium (a sort of federation going from the Baltic to the Black Sea) …

All the while claiming to be “neutral” (neither West nor East), while obviously their delusions are directly inspired by NATO. NATO, while pretending not to have aggressive impulses against Russia, proves the opposite every day by its actions. Thus this somewhat surprising job offer that appeared in Germany, where NATO offers as summer job role-playing Russian civilians during a simulation of NATO war. Sic.

If this is not looking for war and taking people for fools, I do not know what it is … Meanwhile, NATO, like Ukraine, should be wary of what they call for in so many of their prayers: a conflict with Russia. For, as the popular saying goes, “it may well be that they get it,” and if the Russians never begin a war, they always end it.

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