“An Economic Debaltsevo” – Texas hails Donbass nationalization

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March 1, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Russell Bonner Bentley, a.k.a “Texas,” an American volunteer in Donbass, has praised Donbass’ nationalization of Ukrainian enterprises as an “economic Debaltsevo, an economic Stalingrad.” 

Texas commented on the development on his Facebook:

Today we respond to nazi blockade – all businesses in the Republics will now be managed by and pay taxes to us, not Kiev regime and ukrop oligarchs. This will ensure tens of thousands of our citizens continue to work AND GET PAID, and it will increase our industrial and economic strength. The fascists tried to hurt us through economic warfare, but we use economic Judo. Their attack will cost them BILLIONS, add billions to our coffers and open new markets for us with the Russian federation.

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Today was an economic Debaltsevo, an economic Stalingrad for the ukrop nazis. Every time they try to hurt us, they only hurt themselves.

They did this to themselves, it was not our idea. But we know, all we have to do is continue to stand strong and survive. The nazis will defeat themselves…

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