Beware! Western strategy to damage FIFA World Cup 2018

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March 30th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

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 Politnavigator– Translated by Inessa Sinchougova

Protests organised by Alexey Navalny last Sunday, across a number of Russian cities, could be part of a strategy employed by Western think tanks, to ensure the FIFA World Cup in 2018 fails. 

Maria Zakharova, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, stipulated this on her Facebook page. while commenting the words of German Member of Parliament, Michael Fuchs, who entertained the thought of Germany boycotting the championship based on the “mass arrests of protesters” in the unsanctioned rally in Moscow. 

“Following Fuch’s words, we must look at the situation from another angle – was this the plot all along?” – says Zakharova. 

A reminder, that on the 23rd of March, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially stated that it expects considerable activity on behalf of the West to ensure the championship fails. 

“Rhetoric about Russia not adhering to basic human rights, can only be voiced by an inadequately informed person. Old Fucks, is not one of those people. The idea itself is aimed at people gripped by German mainstream media, looking out at the world through “newspaper-coloured glasses” – said Zakharova

She noted, that Germany should really boycott the USA for its policies toward Mexicans and those with roots in the Middle East. Above all, German police itself quickly dispels any uprising that attempts to destabilise the country.

“The suggestion to boycott the World Cup in Russia has little to do with public safety and the adherence to human rights – as if that was true, Germany would not participate in the Eurovision contest in the Ukraine, a country actively participating in killing its own countrymen; they’ve not yet heard of any kind of “human rights!”– says Zakharova.

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