Emirate Air Force Joins Israeli Air Force at a Combat Exercise

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March 28th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Israeli Air Force began joint maneuvers in Greece with the participation of other states, United Arab Emirates including. 

According to an official report issued by the Greek army, “The air forces of the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Israel and the US are participating in aerial combat exercises.” 

The set of combat exercises goes by the name of “INIOHOS 2017” and is expected to be completed on Thursday. Its main objective is to strengthen the ties between participating countries and maintain joint preparedness and capacity for bilateral cooperation. 

This is, however, not the first time that the Israeli and Emirate Air Force are cooperating. Although their countries maintain no diplomatic relations, the two nonetheless participated in an exercise drill titled “Red Flag”, last year in US. Pilots from Pakistan and Spain also participated in the drill. 

Last week , representatives of the Greek and Israeli liaison and planning divisions signed a bilateral agreement that will further strengthen the military ties between the two countries. In the month of November, a new session of joint exercises will be held in Israel. India, United States, Poland and Italy are said to be participating. 

In the meantime, the Israeli Defense Forces are preparing for a new military drill in Camp Rabin, one of their main military bases near Tel Aviv. According to the IDF spokesperson, the military drill will start on Wednesday. 

During the maneuver, there will be an active movement of military and rescue vehicles inside the base and its surroundings. During the time of the exercise, which is expected to end on the evening hours, sound of explosions will be heard. 

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