Fifth Round of Geneva Talks Ends Without Progress

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March 31st, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –                

Syrian permanent UN representative, Dr. Bashar Al Jaafari, said that the events in the surrounding areas of Hama and Damascus overshadowed the fifth round of Geneva negotiations on the settlement of the Syrian crisis.

During a press conference at the end of the last round of talks, head of the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic, dr. Bashar Al Jaafari, submitted several papers to UN special envoy  de Mistura, including a paper on the principles of the political solution that would bring the conflicting sides to the common ground as well as a list of questions on the issues previously pointed out by Al Jaafari.

Dr. Al Jaafari also said that the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic completed the visit in Geneva with all required seriousness, patience and empathy, however, the traitors based in Doha, Riyadh, Ankara and elsewhere cannot feel the pain of the Syrian people, noting that the fifth round of the Geneva talks ended without receiving a proper response from the other side, indicating the latter clearly does not wish to cooperate in fighting terrorism and other relevant issues.

Al Jaafari further stated that the statements of the so-called Syrian opposition based in Riyadh, emphasize the political infantilism of their delegation and its continuation of the practice of treason and cooperation with terrorist groups. He also expressed the need to continue supporting the aims of Astana and further Geneva negotiations as well as the necessity of success of the Iranian and Russian efforts, pointing out that the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic agreed with the special UN envoy de Mistura on the next date of the talks.

The head of the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic stressed that all parties interested in achieving the goals of negotiations shall first and foremost discuss their issues with members of the Syrian delegation. He also pointed out that lack of proper development stems from the absence of the real negotiating partner on the national level as well as the lack of political will among the sponsors of terrorism and whose actions undermine the meaning of the Geneva negotiations. 

“All the ambassadors of the Security Council are required to digest the objective of the Geneva negotiations, which is based on the intra-Syrian dialogue without foreign interference,” Jaafari said. “As for the new US ambassador to the Security Council, we give her some time to digest the facts of the Syrian dialogue. The future of Syria is decided by the Syrians themselves, not the American ambassador or anyone else. We were eager to make some progress in this round, however, this did not happen, but the discussion nonetheless covered all key questions, in addition to the paper of principles which we presented and consider to be good enough . We have communicated with the UN Special Envoy on the issue of counter-terrorism and we were also the only delegation to present him with a paper, covering the issues of counter-terrorism and its sub-issues, namely the issue of detained persons, which is considered to be of high importance.”

With regards to the media reports on a new agreement on “Zabadani-Kufriya and Al Fo’a without the participation of the Syrian Government in this agreement, the head of the Syrian delegation stressed that nothing can happen on Syrian soil without the consent of the Syrian Government, noting that Syria will never allow any Qatari activity on the Syrian soil, especially since Qatar is a key sponsor of terrorism in Syria.

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