“Freedom of Speech”: European Parliament Revokes Marine Le Pen’s Immunity

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March 2nd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – forwarded by Samer Hussein –


The EU parliament has revoked the immunity of the French 

politician and Front National presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.
Majority of members in the plenary of the EU parliament are said to have supported the decision, according to Reuters.

The official reason for such measure were allegedly 3 graphic photos of ISIS beheading that Le Pen published on her Twitter page back in December 2015. One of the photos included a dead body of James Foley, US journalist that was said to be beheaded by ISIS.

“I am a politician, I play my role when I condemn Daesh. This is my role …. And I am sure that no one can prevent a politician, a member elected by the Republic to condemn Daesh atrocities. And in the meantime you persecute Marine Le Pen for it” said Le Pen while speaking to the French LCP Network.

Le Pen has been a staunch opponent of ISIS and the related terrorists groups for a rather long time. During her last month’s visit to Lebanon she vowed to destroy ISIS and also expressed support for Bashar Al Assad and his counter-terrorism activities.

It is not known whether the rather unexpected decision taken by EU is a part of the pre-election hysteria or not. According to some of the polls and expert opinions, Le Pen could win the 2017 French presidential race.

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