Islamic Council of Norway Appoints Niqab-wearing Woman as its Communications Officer

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March 29th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein –

Islamic Council of Norway has appointed Leyla Hasic, a Niqab-wearing woman, as its communications officer.

During the annual meeting last weekend, Hasic, 32, was a appointed as a communications officer by the Islamic Council Norway, itself an umbrella organization of Islamic communities and organizations in Norway. According to the schedule, Hasic will allegedly be involved in communicating, programming and IT operations. 

It is not known whether the move was pressured by Saudi Arabia or the Gulf states, known for issuing financial benefits to women, promoting the such dress code.

The decision has already drawn plenty of criticism from both, politics and public. 

Linda Hofsted Helleland, Norway’s Minister of Culture, said the move will have a rather negative effect on the dialogue between the Muslims and the non-Muslims in the country.

“Freedom of religion is strong in Norway, and it will continue to be so. It therefore takes a lot for me, as minister of culture, to make statements about internal appointments in independent organizations such as Islamic Council Norway. But here it is important to take a stand!”, Helleland wrote on her official Facebook page.

Norway is a home to nearly 200,000 Muslims, according to statistics. It is also one of the European countries where niqabs, the full face veils, are not banned.

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