Istanbul City Councilor to Slaughter his Dutch Cow


March 14th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein –         

In a response to the ongoing diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Holland, Huseyn Avni Sipahi, Istanbul city councilor and a Deputy Major of the Besiktas district, said that he will, out of protest, slaughter his Dutch cow in order to show contempt for the Dutch side.

During the Istanbul municipal session that began with the discussion on the ongoing diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Netherlands, Sipahi also received support from other council members on his decision. Ahmet Selamet, speaker of the council, said he fully supports Sipahi on the matter and will “eat the cow with pleasure”. Sipahi later responded by saying “a cow can be replaced, but international relations cannot be, since they were just slaughtered”.

Both, the members of the governing AKP regime and the CHP, Turkey’s largest opposition party, allegedly expressed their full support for the Turkish side in the current crisis during the council session.

Since last week, Turkey and Netherlands are in a diplomatic row after Dutch authorities banned Turkish Foreign Affairs and Family Matters ministers from attending the pro-Erdogan regime rallies in Rotterdam, Netherlands due to the public safety and stability concerns. Following the decision, the Turkish side started to resort to the harsh and violent measures that have so far resulted in taking down the Dutch flag from a Dutch Consulate building in Istanbul, stabbing oranges, burning the Dutch flags by pro-Erdogan regime protesters, accusations of fascism and racism as well as threats about the complete economic and diplomatic blockade of the Netherlands by the Turkish officials (the two banned ministers including).

The latter could, however, turn out to be extremely challenging for the Turkish authorities as the Netherlands are a home to some 400,000 Turkish immigrants, many of whom are regularly sending their earnings to Turkey. 

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