Junta forces shell front lines 489 times


March 15, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– DPR News – Translated by James Harmon

Ukrainian security forces shelled front-line settlements a total of 489 times in the DPR. This was announced today, via a source in the law enforcement agencies of the Republic.

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“From 18:00 to 01:30, Junta Forces fired 489 artillery shells caliber 122 and 152 mm, and 82 milimitere calibers and 120 mm in front-line areas of the DPR. The firing was directed upon the 17 settlements near the edge of the republic “

The primary Donetsk neighborhoods suffering munitions impacts – the area referred to as “Volvo-Center” in the north, the towns Trudovskoy and Elenovka in the south-west of the city, as well as the village Gorlovka Zaitsev near the city  and finally, Yasinovataya and Dokuchaevsk. At the same time the enemy again opened fire at the south of the DNR upon nameless villages, Sosnovsky, Kominternovo, the October Novoazovskiy area and the New Rep Telmanovskiy area. 

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