Kiev admits no Russian invasion, but Donbass remembers Ukrainian invasion

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March 8, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Antifascist – translated by J. Arnoldski –

The Donetsk People’s Republic has drawn attention to the fact that Ukraine has in fact admitted in the UN Court of Justice that it has been shamelessly lying about fighting against the Russian Army in Donbass or a Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory. Meanwhile, the DPR remembers the Ukrainian invasion and does not intend to forget anything. This has been stated by the DPR People’s Council deputy Vladislav Brig. 

According to this Donetsk politician, Ukraine will have to pay, and there is more than enough evidence of its crimes. 

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Brig remarked: “It is really interesting that in the International Court, Ukraine did not mention any Russian aggression. Instead, there was talk of aid in weapons and money to ‘Donetsk terrorists.’ On the international level, the tricks with passports and bus pieces have long since no longer worked, but Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs continued to drag on this crap by inertia. In fact, now they themselves have acknowledged that Ukraine is not fighting the army of the Russian Federation.”

“If the Russian army had really invaded Ukraine, the war would have ended within a week on the border with Poland. And they all really understand this,” he added. 

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The Donetsk politician concluded: “But do they understand that those who threatened our kids into basements, formed punitive battalions out of frostbitten inmates, prepared a blockade, committed terrorist attacks, and gave and fulfilled criminal orders – do they understand that they will get what they deserve? There will be payback. No one has forgotten anything, and there is sufficient evidence.” 

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