March 30, 2017: Today’s Ukrainian war crimes

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March 30, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

“So nothing can justify their bombardment, except the sadistic pleasure of firing on civilians”                                                          

We have two sources for today’s update, first, a video from Newsfront, and second, a text and photograph report from Christelle Néant, which we translate from French. The video is labeled 

В Ясиноватой в результате обстрелов укронацистов сегодня погибли двое мирных жителей 

 In Yasinovataya two civilians were killed as a result of bombardment by Ukro-Nazis:

Second, we translate Néant’s update from DONiPRESS, titled

Heightened tensions in Donbass on the eve of a new ceasefire: Ukraine, cornered, pours oil on the fire

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While in Minsk a new ceasefire was concluded to take effect midnight, April 1st for the Easter celebrations, the Ukrainian army seems determined to take advantage of these last days before having to calm down (for a time) .
After causing a civilian casualty (a woman) in the night Tuesday to Wednesday in the massive bombing of the Kiev district in Donetsk, as well as one dead and one wounded soldier of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) from the bombing of their positions, the Ukrainian army continued in a crescendo last night.
The bombings that struck 20 localities of the Republic damaged or destroyed 18 homes and wounded a civilian as well as a soldier. Heavy artillery was at work: 152 mm and 122 mm, mortars of 120 mm and 82 mm, from assault tanks, but also from infantry combat vehicles, armored vehicles, grenade launchers and light weapons.

The bombardment principally targeted the Petrovsky district, southwest of Donetsk, where most of the last 24 hours of destruction happened, with 12 homes either destroyed or damaged. Many of them are very far from the front line and therefore nowhere near the positions of the RPD army as can be seen on this map, so there is nothing to justify their bombardment except the sadistic pleasure of firing on civilians.

Four houses were completely burned, and the damage suggests incendiary shells were used by the Ukrainian army. If it had been conventional shells, the woman who was wounded would be dead, one of the shells having hit her bedroom directly. A school was also hit during the bombing.

These shells also stopped the operation of the Donetsk water filtration plant, the Chelyuskintsev mine, and destroyed several power lines and gas pipelines.

And at the end of the day came the announcement of the death of two civilians in Yassinovataya after the heavy bombing of the locality by the Ukrainian army.

The war crimes are not about to stop while the Azov regiment will be redeployed near Donetsk, replacing the Aidar battalion. The redeployment that will be done at the expense of the local population. As the Neo-Nazi fighters demand better accommodation than ordinary soldiers, the local authorities list the empty houses they can occupy (and plunder) as they please.

And they have an interest in enjoying it as much as they can, as Ukraine is rushing faster and faster towards the bottom of the abyss, as Ukraine is more than served by pressing bad news, both economic and in terms of image of the country.
[The rest of Néant’s report deals with Ukraine’s overall situation, and is omitted here, but presented as a stand-alone article]

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