No Russian Hackers needed: Le Pen could win the French Elections

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March 2, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

Ruslan Ostashko, LiveJournal – translated by J. Arnoldski –

The French presidential race continues to yield surprises, some of which could very well lead to the untimely death of the European Union. After the triumphant start of the electoral campaign of Emmanuel Macron, a former banker for the Rothschilds and a puppet of the supranational elites, European journalists wrote with pride that the success of anti-establishment politicians, who had won in the UK and US, had finally ended. Journalists crowned Macron’s head in advance and hoisted a winner of the presidential race while various think tanks began writing that Europe is the last bastion of the Soros and Kagan teams, in a sense the last bastion of “true democracy.”

It would seem that only a miracle or another intervention by Russian hackers could stop the inevitable triumph of this French banker, but instead there’s another chance here. Suddenly, it’s been discovered that a portion of French voters still have a sense of dignity which is better not to touch. Macron’s political strategists, who have seen such ordinary voters on TV screens, have been out of touch and advised Macron to take the very steps that have led to the fall in his rating. 

It is premature to speak of a Le Pen victory, but her chances have definitely increased.

I often sneer at the tenacity with which Russian liberals suggest me and my compatriots to pay and repent, and repent and pay, mostly for fictitious crimes committed by our ancestors and the made-up crimes of the Putinist regime. For a long time it was believed that this slogan about paying and repenting was invented specifically to finish off Russia and finally burn out from her cultural code the ability and desire to be a great power. But this theory has turned out, to put it mildly, inaccurate. 

It turns out that the supranational elites are successfully using this not only against Russians, but also against the ordinary citizens of Europe and America. For example, many of the supporters and ideologists of the Democratic Party in the US actively defend the idea that white men are by definition racists and rapists, and they that must pay and repent for the fact that they are white and the fact that they are men. Such payment collections are open at special NGO’s, and without such public repentance they won’t be allowed into politics or the management of big companies. 

Propaganda in the same spirit is at work in Germany or Sweden, where citizens are told to respond to mass rape by making people who don’t display enough tolerance towards migrants repent. 

In this context, Emmanuel Macron’s recent statement that French colonialism is a crime against humanity and should be repented for is fairly common place. But it has caused an explosive reaction. 

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As it turns out, part of French society is tired of paying and repenting. I don’t want to discuss the moral aspects of French colonialism, but merely emphasize that a portion of Frenchmen who (attention!) were not supporters of Le Pen, have now turned away from the politician forced upon them by the establishment because he spat on the history of France.

According to a survey published by the British Daily Mail, the gap between Le Pen and Macron in the second round dropped from 26% to 16% in one week, which led to a panic on the French government bond market. Sure, French media today are in unison publishing other surveys asserting that nothing  terrible has happened and that the electorate has already forgotten about everything. But this is not very believable, honestly speaking. Ever since almost all polls claimed a confident victory for Hillary Clinton, the reputation of Western sociological services is already seriously tarnished. 

In the second round of elections, there very well might appear the phenomenon which in the US has been dubbed “secret Trumpists.” Survey errors in the US were caused not only by the bias of their organizers, but by the large number of voters who were ashamed to admit that they wanted to vote for Trump. They were ashamed to admit this not only during survey interviews, but sometimes too ashamed to tell their own friends, family, or co-workers. But in the election booth they did what they believed was necessary. 

In France, where a Le Pen supporter can easily lose their job, friends, social status, and even risk being subjected to violence, the percentage of such “secret voters” might very well be huge. The second round of elections is set to be held on May 7th, and only a few mistakes by Macron’s PR and a few resonant crimes by migrants might tip the scales in our direction.

Finally, I want to say a few words about colonialism and its condemnation. All puppets of the supranational elites who are promoted to being leaders of one country or another have one thing in common: they have absolutely no conscience. Their conscience is probably amputated right upon joining the supranational elite. Let’s take the example of Macron. He has no problem demanding repentance for colonial crimes from today’s Frenchmen, the majority of whom have no relation whatsoever to France’s colonial adventures. But he doesn’t feel any remorse for his work at the Rothschild bank which not only financed several colonial empires, such as United Kingdom, but to this day still enjoys the capital earned back then through colonialism. But where are the claims for compensation and repentance? There are none. There never will be. 

Or look at how Hillary Clinton protests “Russian interference” in the US elections, and any foreign interference in American politics in general. I don’t even have to remind you what she did when she ruled the State Department, so I’ll just pose a question: Has the Clinton Foundation not received any money from foreign states in exchange for influence on US policy?

And the last example: Alexey Navalny is now pretending that he is the main fighter against the Russian oligarchs. Apparently, he hopes that voters aren’t aware of how his political career would be impossible without the money and support of Vladimir Ashurkov, whose biography is directly intertwined with one of the most influential oligarchical groups in Russia. Even funnier than the Navalny tale is the tale of the oligarch Poroshenko who has convinced part of the Ukrainian people that he, oligarch Poroshenko, is a great leader for the [allegedly] anti-oligarch Maidan.

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Western journalists and political analysts are complaining that an era of populism is beginning. No, this is not an era of populism that is beginning. An era of global stupidity and naivety which has hurt countless countries and peoples is ending. Russia has been among the first to recover, and we can be proud of this. If other countries manage to recover, then humanity will have a chance for peace and a genuinely bright future. 

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