“Not Very Diplomatic”: Turkish Foreign Minister Spotted Making a Far-right Sign in Germany

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March 9th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Hamburger Abendblatt – – translated by Samer Hussein –                                    

Turkish foreign minister, Mevlüt Cavusoglu, was spotted making a Grey Wolf sign while delivering a speech at the Turkish consulate building in Hamburg, Germany, thus violating the German Constitution.

The incident happened right before Cavusoglu was about to finish his speech.Other people on stage as well as in the audience, were spotted making the sign too.

Marco Haase, German spokesperson for the constitutional protection, said Cavusoglu’s way of addressing the audience clearly indicates a Grey Wolf sign. It is not yet known whether Cavusoglu was aware of the presence of predominantly far-right leaning people in the audience. Haase also said that Tuesday’s incident is being investigated.

Hamburg Authorities are said to be aware of Cavosuglu’s actions that have already been condemned by some of the leaders of the German political parties.
“Cavusoglu acted like a political arsonist with this gesture, who, on one hand, accuses Germany of Nazi practices but, at the same time,makes an abvious far-right sign. The mask tore itself away and the true face was revelaed”, said Anjes Tjarks, faction chairman of the Greens. The SPD integration expert, Kazim Abaci, said the Turkish Foreign Minister’s presence with the far-right extremists is “completely unacceptable”.

According to the German security officials, Grey Wolves are a “potentially dangerous extremist group that is being monitored”. The Grey Wolves are said to be aiming for the establishment of the new Turkish Muslim empire that would stretch all the way from the Balkans to the Central Asia. The group was also behind several violent attacks in Germany, most recently last year in Duisburg, and is frequently expressing its racist attitude towards the non-Turks and particularly against Kurds. Approx. 7000 people are said to be active in Germany, some of them in Hamburg. The group is legalized in Germany and membership therefore does not constitute a criminal offence.

Cavosoguly’s wofl sign, however, is not the only controversal act that surrounded the Tuesday’s meeting . One of the editors of the “Zeit” newspaper was reportedly at the scene and was knocked down by Cavosoglu’s security personnel after he expressed solidarity with the imprisoned turkish journalist and die Welt correspondent, Deniz Yücel, who was recently arrested by Turkish authorities.

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