Poroshenko adviser suggests how much longer the civil war will continue

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March 8, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– RiaNovosti – By James Harmon

Advisor to the President of Ukraine, Yuri Biryukov suggested that the conflict in the Donbass will continue for another year or two.

“The specific information I do not know, but I feel that the conflict will continue for another year and a half or two, I would assume.”, Biryukov said in an interview with news portal Online.ua.

According to Biryukov, Ukraine has no military solution to the conflict in the Donbass. Biryukov claims that paramilitary groups also are no option.

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“The paramilitary groups also have no options there, reaching Donetsk borders and the Lugansk region. They generally have no options to act.”

These statements follow the recent events in which the blockade by paramilitary extremists, of goods and materials originating in the DPR, caused a severe energy crisis in Ukraine. The blockade precipitated the DPR to change management of their factories to local community leaders, and redirect tax revenues into the Donbass community, and production of materials will be simply sold to the Russian federation now instead of Ukraine.

Rapidly following these events a ceasefire took place, and signs that the extremist-led blockade is being gradually dismantled are happening, with more and more politicians openly attacking such measures as against the unity of the Ukrainian people.

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