Protests: Teenagers have betrayed Putin – Analyst

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March 27th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

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– Politnavigator – Translated by Inessa Sinchougova

Protests, organised by Alexey Navalny, are dangerous, in that they primarily attracted “Putin’s generation” of youths, those that grew up when President Putin was already in power – says political scientist, Oleg Bandarenko. 

“We can ignore Moscow altogether; Navalny’s protest was weak, in my view. But this [chain] of protests are more dangerous than the feeble attempts of the past, because of the amount of youths that took part in it. These are teenagers, and first-year students. We saw exceptionally young faces today” – says Bondarenko. 

He compares the event to the “student revolution” of 1968 in France. This was an affluent, post-war generation, who simply got bored with De Gaulle and his colonial tendencies. 

“We see a very similar pattern today, with “Putin’s youths.” This group has no real demands – but they want change. They see the world in their own way. They do not remember the “crazy 1990s”, a period of war and terrorism in Russia. This is a generation of stability” – says Bondarenko.

If the authorities do not take matters into their own hands, this can cause significant civil unrest and destabilisation – the analyst warns. 

“I think we should return to the use of political youth organisations, as in the time of Surkov. But not on the grounds of “one government for all”, but on the principal of “let 100 flowers bloom” (plurality of opinion.) There should be a variety of political organisations for youths, unions – it is important to keep young generations occupied. They have an energy that can either build or destroy.” – says Bondarenko.

Moscow protests: “Why don’t these fed, fashionable teenagers with expensive smartphones chat to the teenagers of Makeevka, Gorlovka or Donetsk? Maybe they might understand something.”

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