‘Three Years After the Maidan’ – shown to the EU Parliament – watch it here

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March 15th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

– by Tom Winter – 

Ruslan Kotsaba screens his film to the European Parliament. Here it is, also with his commentary

[Video. Subtitles in French and English]

On February 28, the Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba presented his documentary, Three years after the Maidan, where are the results of the Investigation, to the European Parliament, then spoke to a group of Parliamentarians


Here is the follow-up commentary:

“And, bottom line, what did he get? –

A war!

Almost 5 million inhabitants, the entire industrial part of Donbass

got declared to be terrorists!

the people were declared terrorists! Ordinary people!

They cut off their electricity, their water, their communications!

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And stopped paying their pensions! …”

French subtitles for the commentary by Thalie Thalie, English by Tom Winter

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