Russian Ministry of Defense unveils new Spetsnaz team in Syria [+photos]


March 2nd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– RusVesna – Translated by James Harmon

February 27, our country celebrated the Day of Russia and MTR released rare footage of special forces special operation of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense operations in Syria. 

The elite of the Russian Army, captured in all its glory – clearly visible parts of new equipment and weapons. The footage Special Forces soldiers operate in urban war-torn Aleppo and Homs in the desert province – near the ancient Palmyra.

Special Operations Forces Ministry of Defence as part of the Armed Forces of our country – it is in fact the highest level among all the special forces of the army special units. MTR were created in 2009. Their tasks include mainly sabotage and reconnaissance operations. They are able to operate under water, on land and in the air, at many kilometers of heights and quietly picking off the enemy in water depths.

For many years, the existence of a new kind of troops were hidden, but during the counter-terrorist operation in Syria, the Russian government has officially recognized the existence in the Middle East Special Operations Forces. 

There are reports that the Russian Defense Ministry, together with the Foundation for Advanced Studies is implementing a project to unite into a single system all the components of equipment under the working title “Defender of the Future”, where the sights and observation devices, means of communication and protection will be combined into a single complex.

Even Western military analysts say a very quick qualitative leap forward in gear, equipment, weapons, and as a consequence – the effectiveness of actions Russian special forces. First and foremost it is a merit good planning, financial management and leadership.

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