Sberbank exit, IMF rejection, Blockade fiasco: Is Ukraine sinking?

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March 21, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Christelle NEANT in DONiPRESS, translated by Tom Winter –

The Raft of the Medusa, Théodore Géricault, 1818-19, presented below as a metaphor for today’s Ukraine
And a swan dive!

As I noted in a previous article, the suicidal logic of the Kiev authorities is dislocating the country. And every day that passes makes this dislocation more and more visible.

Banking and finance
Following the proposed sanctions against Russian banks, Sberbank (the country’s 7th largest bank) announced that it would try to get out of the Ukrainian market as quickly as possible, i.e, get out of the economic, financial, and also political quagmire that Ukraine has turned into.

This announcement is a very bad signal for Ukraine, as it clearly means capital flight, plus loss of tax revenue, unemployment for 2,000 people, and a loss of the country’s vitally needed investment. 

Not to mention the image of the country in the international community, and other banks that could at minimum stop investing in an ex-country such as Ukraine, and at worst, follow the Sberbank example. If Sberbank leaves the Ukrainian market, the country’s banking sector is in danger of a fatal collapse by domino effect.

And the IMF

And it is not the news from the IMF that will give any joy to the Ukrainians. Following the legalization by the Ukrainian state of the total blockade of the Donbass, which was initially launched by the Nazi groups, the IMF withdrew any discussion about the next tranche for Ukraine from it agenda.

The billion dollar promised by the IMF is henceforth suspended, because for the institution, this blockade completely changes the Ukrainian macroeconomic parameters, and not for the good. The IMF is well aware that this blockade will cause Ukraine to plummit, and demands that the country look again at the writ concerning the agreement that would merit the billion. Clearly: to get its su-sugar, Ukraine will have to undress a little more. 

Ukraine for sale by the bag

After the pension reform and the sale of agricultural land, a Latvian MEP inadvertently discovered in her own country that Ukrainian black earth was sold in bags, just as compost is sold.

After selling its land to agribusiness companies that want to grow GMOs, Ukraine sells its precious land piece-by-piece to European countries so that the EU can have pretty tomatoes in their garden.

When we read this news, we wonder if we haven’t entered some nightmare or into the fourth dimension. What will be the next step for this Ukraine after the “revolution of dignity” (one is wondering where the dignity is when a country comes to sell its land like vulgar compost)? What will Ukraine sell after piece by piece? Its inhabitants ?

The Blockade fiasco

Poroshenko tries to escape his responsibilities And in the midst of this infamous quagmire, Poroshenko, put in front of the financial crumbling accomplished against the IMF, now tries to discard his responsibility. The so-called Ukrainian president woke up a little late when he acknowledged the fact that the Donbass blockade was irresponsible in view of the border shared by the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (DPR and LPR) with Russia, The only thing that this blockade has managed to do is push the two republics even further into the Russian bosom, and push them away from the Ukraine.

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Bravo Watson, but you wake up a little too late, the evil is done: it’s think first, act second, not the reverse. It is now too late to say that the Ukrainian Nazi groups that organized this blockade will have to be held accountable. They have hardly ever had to answer for their crimes since Maidan, why would it change now, when the Ukrainian state is decomposing visibly and the little authority it had melted like snow in the sun ? Ukraine has become a neo-feudal entity, as Tetiana Montian predicted.

The proof is at the crossing point of Stanitsa Louganskaya, the only authorized crossing point between Ukraine and the LPR. The Nazi battalions holding this crossing point artificially create endless queues since the implementation of the total blockade, and then sell the places in the queue. Starting price: 200 hryvnias. As a result, some people have been waiting for days to cross the crossing. Cynicism in the purest state that nothing and nobody is able to sanction.

When all else fails, try war again

Launched in its swan dive, Ukraine continues its provocations and attempts at stupid attacks. Thus, yesterday, two platoons of the Ukrainian army tried to break through the lines of defense of the DPR in the south of the Republic (near Kominternovo). This attempt failed miserably, with 12 dead and 14 wounded on the Ukrainian side. Two infantry combat vehicles and an assault tank were also destroyed. On the DPR side, the army had to deplore three dead and two wounded.

And these attempts at attacks seem unlikely to diminish as more and more officials in Ukraine openly declare that the Donbass conflict will not be solved by diplomacy but by arms, like Iouri Bereza of the Popular Front, who has called for creating a powerful Ukrainian army to defeat the Donbass.

A pretty fantasy that risks colliding with reality: 78% of Ukrainians are ready to support the separation of the Donbass if that ends the war. Moreover, given the increasing integration of Donbass with Russia, a large-scale attack by the Ukrainian army would run the risk of encountering much more than the peoples militia.

Russia-Donbass integration

Following the meetings in the Crimea between Alexander Zakharchenko, Igor Plotnitsky and Russian officials, at which the head of the DPR announced his certainty about a future integration of Donbass within the Russian Federation, the milestones of this Future integration are beginning to be set in place.

Russia-Donbass Integration Committee In the same way as the economic and trade cooperation proposals between the Crimea and Donbass, the two internationally unregistered regions decided to set up a joint venture to facilitate trade despite the sanctions.

This Crimean-Donbass Economic Union will work in line with the Russia-Donbass Integration Committee which was set up at these meetings in the Crimea.

A website was launched in order to communicate the actions of this integration committee. At the end of the first session of this committee, on 17 March, Alexander Zakharchenko detailed the objectives of this committee and the actions already in view.

“Today we discussed the cultural and educational areas. More than 500 events dedicated to culture and sport are planned. At present, the economy of the DPR is growing. Therefore, finding outlets for our products and obtaining raw materials from the Russian Federation are our main objectives. The process is underway, and we will see the results of our work very soon and we will of course inform the public,” said Alexander Zakharchenko.

Without sinking into senseless hopes, the process is well launched for a future step-by-step integration of the Donbass within the Russian Federation. Integration will be economic, social, cultural and humanitarian. Then spread little by little until the Donbass arrives at the end of the same process as the Crimea three years ago. And like the Crimeans, the population of the Donbass will certainly be happy to have made this choice, and to have left the raft of the Medusa that has become Ukraine.

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