Syria: Army Foils Terrorist Attack, Carries Out Further Strikes Against ISIS and Al Nusra

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March 12th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –  


Syrian Forces foiled a terrorist attack by Al Nusra Front in Manshia neighbourhood, located in the Daraa Al Balad residential area in the city of Daraa.

According to the field reports, the Army successfully destroyed the vehicle that was carrying a suicide bomber, during a series of surgical strikes aimed at the terrorists. Al Nusra command center in Manshia was also destroyed.

Darra province is known for being a hotbed of Al Nusra terrorists. For the past month, Al Nusra Front has been terrorizing the locals by frequently launching rocket and mortar attacks at their neighbourhoods, in addition to the stealing and looting.The group resorts to these measures in order to put pressure on the residents and force them to leave their homes. The group is also facing frequent losses against the Syrian Army.

The Syrian forces have also made advancements against ISIS. In the Province of Deir Ez Zour, the Army carried out strikes against the positions of Al Junaid battalion of ISIS which is stationed in the graveyard areas, located south of Deir Ez Zour city. The strikes resulted in the deaths of dozens of ISIS terrorists and destruction of their equipment.

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