Syria Demands the UN to Condemn Wednesday’s Terrorist Attacks in Damascus

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March 16th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –                            

Syria demanded the United Nations Security Council to hold to its obligations and condemn the two terrorist attacks that struck Damascus on Wednesday.

During the Security Council’s session, Mounzer Mounzer, Acting Charge d’Affairs of the Syrian delegation to the United Nations, expressed Syria’s strong condemnation of the Security Council’s failure to condemn the terrorist atrocities Damascus. He demanded the council to condemn terror attacks in Damascus in order to avoid the obstacles set by some Western member states in their attempts to send out the wrong messages to the terrorists that “there is good and bad terrorism”, as is evident from the expressions of the officials, belonging to these countries.

Mounzer opened up the issue of the violations of the human rights of hundreds of thousands of Syrians, living in in the areas under control of the terrorist groups, some of which are even funded by particular permanent memberstates of the Security Council. He also stressed that Syrian citizens were exposed to some of the most heinous by the terrorist groups such as human trafficking, slavery of women and girls as well as kidnapping young boys and training them to become suicide bombers.

Mounzer further accused the neighboring countries, which host the displaced Syrians in their refugee camps, of not committing to their international law obligations that are ensuring safety and security to the displaced persons who became refugees due to fleeing from the terrorist threat.

“Eliminating the growth of human trafficking phenomenon as one of the most serious crimes against humanity is urging for a collective international stance and commitment on the issue in order to find a solution for the main reasons behind this phenomenon through the implementation of the UN Security Council’s relevant resolutions, including the resolution no. 2331 for the year 2016” , Mounzer went on saying. 

He concluded by demanding the international community, represented by the UN, to hold its legal and ethical responsibilities with regards to the crisis in Syria through implementing the UNSC resolutions on combating terrorism, obliging certain countries to stop all forms of support for the armed terrorist groups, finding a political solution through internal Syrian dialogue, free of any foreign interference or influence, ending the unilateral economic sanctions imposed against Syria and enabling the appropriate circumstances for displaced Syrians to return home.

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