Syrian Army Ambushes Al Nusra, Repells Its Attack

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March 19th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated  by Samer Hussein –



Syrian military sources confirmed that the units of the Syrian Army repelled a heavy assault by the terrorist group Al Nusra in the Jobar district, located east of Damascus. The attack began by Al Nusra blowing up two of their armed vehicles earlier on Sunday.

The sources pointed to the possibility that the militants may have been using a network of tunnels, east of the axis of electricity station, to carry out their operations and transport their personnel and equipment. This time, however, the terrorists were ambushed by the units of the Syrian Army. The two vehicles were supposed to reach the Syrian army positions, however, the plan failed due to the Syrian Army ambush. This further proves that the  rumours about the security breaches in the Syrian army defense lines are completely baseless. The clashes are said to be still ongoing.

The Syrian Army units are currently carefully passing through the Jobar district and monitoring the situation in order to avoid civilian casualties as the terrorists keep launching mortars and rockets at civilian areas. A number of shells already fell on several residential areas in Damascus, namely Al Qassaa, Bab Touma, Al Qsour, Bernier Street and Aleppo street, noting that the losses were limited to the injuries among civilians, in addition to the material damage.

The military operations continue against the terrorists in Qaboun neighborhood, located northeast of Damascus.

Social networking sites, belonging to the jihadists, confirmed that the units of the Al Rahman Legion participated with Al Nusra Front victory in attack on the Syrian Army positions, despite the alleged differences between the two. Previously there was an armed conflict, related to the “tunnel trade” in the city of Arbin, after which The Arbin Brigade jihadist militia announced its split from Al Rahman Legion and its accession to Tahrir Al Sham Terrorist group, which itself evolved from Al Nusra.

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