Al Nusra Terrorists Annihilated on Multiple Fronts

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March 30th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –                

Syrian military sources confirmed that army units unit carried out series of operations against Al Nusra Front terrorists, stationed between the villages of Barghasheh,  Al Shayahat in Al Lajat area, located in the north-western countryside of Sweida province. The operations resulted in annihilation of all terrorists and destruction of their equipment.

The army units also managed to eliminate two terrorist groups, said to be associated with Al Nusra Front, following their failed attempt of infiltrating from the direction of the villages of  Tloul Khalif and Oum Walad in the eastern countryside of Daraa province, towards one of the military posts in the western countryside of Sweida province.

Intensive bombardment against Al Nusra Front positions in Daraa Al Balad area of Daraa province was also carried out. In addition to dozens of terrorists being killed, two of their positions in the residential area next to Al Sad Road and a machine-gun stockpile, located to the north of the roundabout in Al Karak neighborhood, were also destroyed.

A large number of Al Nusra Front terrorists were killed when Syrian Army bombed their positions in Al Bahar neighborhood and to the south of Al Abbasiya Bakery, both in Daraa province.

In the meantime, Syrian air force and artillery units conducted strikes against Al Nusra Front positions and movements in the northern countryside of Homs province and destroyed one of their sites, located between the village of Deir Foul and the town of Al Rastan. Dozens of terrorists were killed.

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