Syrian Army Expands Control in the Eastern Countryside of Aleppo


March 4th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –


The so-called “ Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” confirmed that the Syrian army and its allies expanded control in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo.

The army is said to haven taken control of 3 villages, located North-East of Aleppo.

Both, the Syrian and the Russian Air Force participated in the counter-terrorist activities. The Syrian Army once again pounded ISIS positions, whereas the Russian Air Force destroyed the headquarters of the terrorist group Tahrir Al Sham that were located near the Scientific Research Center, west of Aleppo.

West of Aleppo, a Russian surveillance aircraft spotted the convoy full of terrorists. The convoy has since been destroyed.

The fighting also continues in Palmyra. Syrian Army is currently preparing for a major assault on Sukhni, a town to where most of the ISIS terrorists fled after they were expelled from Palmyra by the Syrian and Russian forces on Thursday. The Syrian Army dealt heavy losses to the terrorists after bombarding their positions in the eastern outskirts of Palmyra. Dozens of terrorists and several of their vehicles were destroyed.
The terrorists are also being chased by the locals – Sheikh Turki, one of the local tribal leaders who are aligned with the Syrian Army and their allies, said his men are currently on a 3-axis chase front against the terrorists: one at the Mount Al Tar, another one at the mount Hiyal and the third one at the northern hills.

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