Times we laughed at the US State Department — an incomplete collection

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March 28 – Fort Russ News –

– An Op-ed by Tom Winter

Little has changed in the wake of the US election: the interventionist war policy is not only continuing, but has even been enhanced, and the ludicrous hypocrisy of the State Department simply continues right along. (As you will see below, “ludicrous” is a Foggy Bottom** theme.)

Here is the most recent:

Here, for very brief commentary, is a platoon of Baltimore police officers prepared to deal with protesters:

Democratic values at the ready in Baltimore. 

RT has a nice collection of other comments on the newest tweet from Foggy Bottom.

An old favorite is immediate past Secretary of State John Kerry, asserting “You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext.” Hear him say it in this video clip:

Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria: He was Secretary of State! Does he know nothing of what his own country is up to? You don’t, he might be saying, But we do!

And, my personal favorite, where the spox for Foggy Bottom explains that political transitions have to be done legally. The transcript:

REPORTER: President Maduro last night went on the air and said that they had arrested multiple people who were allegedly behind a coup that was backed by the United States. What is your response?

JEN PSAKI: These latest accusations, like all previous such accusations, are ludicrous. As a matter of long-standing policy, the United States does not support political transitions by nonconstitutional means. Political transitions must be democratic, constitutional, peaceful and legal. We’ve seen many times that the Venezuelan government tries to distract from its own actions by blaming the United States or other members of the international community for events inside Venezuela. These efforts reflect a lack of seriousness on the part of the Venezuelan government to deal with the grave situation it faces.

MATT LEE: Sorry. The U.S. has—whoa, whoa, whoa—the U.S. has a long-standing practice of not promoting—what did you say? How long-standing is that? I would—in particular in South and Latin America, that is not a long-standing practice.

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JEN PSAKI: Well, my point here, Matt, without getting into history—

MATT LEE: Not in this case.

JEN PSAKI: —is that we do not support, we have no involvement with, and these are ludicrous accusations.

MATT LEE: In this specific case.

JEN PSAKI: Correct.

MATT LEE: But if you go back not that long ago, during your lifetime even—

JEN PSAKI: The last 21 years?

MATT LEE: Well done. Touché. But, I mean, look, does “long-standing” mean 10 years in this case? I mean, what is—

JEN PSAKI: Matt, my intention was to speak to the specific reports.

MATT LEE: I understand, but you said it’s a long-standing U.S. practice, and I’m not so sure how—depends on what your definition of “long-standing” is. 

JEN PSAKI: We will—OK.

REPORTER: Recently in Kiev, whatever we say about Ukraine, whatever, the change of government in the beginning of last year was unconstitutional, and yet you supported it. The Constitution was not—

JEN PSAKI: That is also ludicrous.

Hard to top that one, but Foggy Bottom will obviously keep trying.

For more: AP reporter Matt Lee asks the questions that you or I would ask. For a morning’s entertainment, go to youtube and in the searchbox type in “Matt Lee State Department.” For convenience, I’ve done it for you: State Department.

See part two of this ongoing series here.
Foggy Bottom was the riverside lowland neighborhood in Washington. The name got applied to the State Department when the Department moved there in 1947. We like the name.

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