Trump Snubs Poroshenko and Congress Cuts War Aid


March 3rd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, Sputnik – – translated by Samer Hussein –


The meeting between the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the US president Donald Trump which was announced earlier in February and was supposed to take place by the end of the month, did not happen. Instead, the two presidents held a telephone conversation. The Ukrainian side provided no specific details. It was reported that the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is still making preparations for the possible meeting in the future. So far no approximate date was set.

The meeting was first announced by two high-ranking Ukrainian officials, namely the Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, and the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States, Valery Chaly, both of whom assured to have studied the possible options for the meeting to take place by the end of February. One of the options also included the meeting taking place in New York, particularly during Ukraine’s inauguration into the UN Security Council.

According to the statement from the White House, during phone conversation with Poroshenko, Trump said the US would “do its best to restore peace alongside the Ukrainian border”. Presidential spokesman Svyatoslav Tsegolko reported that “special attention was paid to the settlement of the situation in the Donbass and peace through political and diplomatic means. The parties expressed their deep concern due to the escalation of tensions and the deteriorating humanitarian situation, especially in the area of ​​Avdeevka”.
Nonetheless, Foreign Minister Klimkin stated that the Ukrainian side may have received a “cold shower” from Trump.

The Trump’s not so friendly move shall not come as surprising. In recent months, the Ukrainian official have allegedly made various attempts to sabotage Trump during the election campaign, expressing the slurs against him and even went that far to launch an official criminal investigation against former Trump advisor Paul Manafort.

The US congress is said to have cancelled the war aid to Ukraine.

Despite this, the shred of optimism is not completely gone. Recently the US-based Foreign Policy paper published an article in which it was mentioned that the the former Miss Ukraine Olexandra Nikolayenko, currently married to Phil Ruffin, a close friend of Trump, could be used to warmer the ties between the two countries. Ukrainian ambassador Valeriy Chaly has since denied the information.

Nikolay Vorobyov, Washington-based lobbyst who is in charge of the Center for East European Prospects told the portal “” that the meeting of two Presidents has not yet taken place due to the Trump administration’s low confidence in the leadership of Ukraine as well as due to the lack of understanding as regards the situation in Ukraine. He also believes that the fate of Ukraine will be decided by world powers in the end.

An expert on international relations, Vladimir Volya, suggested that all the delays are related primarily to the fact that Trump’s administration assumed its complete form only in the mid-February. While speaking to the the expert also estimated that Trump-Poroshenko meeting will likely not take place before the end of March or even the beginning of April. He believes that Ukraine is a rather tough nut to crack for the Trump’s admiistration as the Ukrainian side was previously favourized by Democrats as well as the “hawkish” part of the Republicans, known for their opposition to Trump.

The meeting between Trump and Poroshenko is likely never going to happen unless the Ukrainian side will chose the right approach. If the situation will continue to develop by following this path, all major decisions will be made behind Ukraine’s back, regardless to the promises made at the Munich Security Council meeting between Petro Poroshenko and Mike Pence on February 18th.

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