Turkish Rioters Burn French Flag, Assault Norwegian Journalist [Video]

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March 14th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein –  

In the wake of ongoing diplomatic row between Turkey and the Netherlands, pro-Erdogan regime protesters in the Turkish province of Samsun burned down the French flag after confusing it with the Dutch one as both flags consist of the same three colours.

The incident happened during a public gathering on Sunday. A Turkish national anthem was recited and Turkish flags were waved before the French flag mistakenly got burned. This is not the only such incident. Previously, the Turkish chauvinists mistakenly ended up burning the Colombian flag instead of the Armenian one due to the similarity between the flags. 

Sunday’s incident was not the only incident involving the third parties in the ongoing Turkish-Dutch diplomatic row.

Around the same time, a group of Erdogan supporters assaulted a Norwegian journalist after mistaking him for being Dutch. According to the reports in the Turkish press, the journalist was covering a protest of a Turkish academic Nazife Onay. Ms. Onay is demanding a return to her position after she was dismissed by the Erdogan regime, following a decree about the state of emergency. Since July 16 last year, more than 7000 academics were dismissed by the Erdogan regime.

The group of rioters tried to assault Onay and other people attending her protest, including a Norwegian journalist and a group of female protesters. “You are all working for the Netherlands”, the rioters were heard shouting. The police later intervened and removed the violent rioters who tried to disrupt the protest of Onay. The latter was, however, detained by the police.

Turkey and Netherlands are in a diplomatic row after Dutch authorities banned two Turkish government ministers from attending pro-Erdogan regime rallies in the Netherlands in order to maintain the public safety, triggering a series of violent responses from the Erdogan regime side.

Last week, however, Turkish Foreign Affairs minister, Mehmet Cavusoglu attended a pro-Erdogan regime rally in Hamburg Germany, during which he displayed islamist and ultra-nationalist signs. The event ended with one German journalist being beaten by the Turkish security personnel.

The Erdogan regime officials are touring Europe in order to get votes from the large diaspora communities in the wake of the forthcoming constitutional referendum that could result in significant power gain for Erdogan and members of his regime.

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